The ending cuts this game down ***minor spoilers***

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#51 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I'm no Metal Gear fan. I mean, the first one was alright and that PSP game was kind of awesome.

But wow, I loved this game! That end boss was amazing! The stupid stuff he said! And it's not even that far off base. Dick Cheney shot a dude in the face with a shotgun after all. Oh right that was an "accident".

You didn't like Doktor?! What?! He's THE BEST! I love his codec dialog. And his right arm collection fetish. So crazy.

#52 Posted by Trav (244 posts) -

@tangoup said:

George was probably the highlight of the story

I saw this and made that exact face, and had to see if anyone else thought that was crazy. George was the worst! If you thought George was good, then come on son, you need to raise your bar on what makes a good character. That kid made me cringe constantly.

#53 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6255 posts) -

That's too bad. That ending made the game for me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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@wickedsickdanceattack said:


Platinum wrote that ending as an obvious parody of Kojima. Kojima liked the story and green-lit it. Maybe he didn't realize it was a huge parody of his work, or he just has a good sense of humor! (Plus this "War Economy" stuff has been an undertone in MGS in a couple games)

Kojima does have a good sense of humor.

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@tangoup said:

@rebgav said:

The Armstrong segment is retarded but it's impossible for me to discern whether it's just dumb because Metal Gear villains or because it's a parody of Metal Gear villains.

@tangoup said:

The exposition at the end is an overblown rip-off from Vanquish (and Vanquish didn't even pretend to have a coherent story) with the war economy stuff.

Oh wait, you're trolling. My bad.

Yes that first comment is true. But I've played MGS4 without playing any of the other MGS games and I still loved it. And I assure you, I'm not trolling, I'm serious. Vanquish's US faction has that same motivation. MGR just adds another 50,000 lines of dialogue to say the same.damn.thing.

It shows you have not played the other MGS games. Since MGS 1 had lengthy Codec calls. MGS 2 very often had cutscenes over 10 minutes with just talking. MGS 3 less talking and more choreographed scenes.

MGS 4 hold two set of world records for longest cutscenes, one 48 min set after the on rails shooting section in act 3 is not included. As the longest single cut scene is 27 mins and is in the ending climax cutscenes with all together hold the record at 72 minutes. So I found the ending of MGSR it faaaaaaaar more fun watching and listening to the senator and was waaaay shorter.

#55 Posted by ETPC (37 posts) -

shit, bizarro world is trying to merge with ours again

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@fredchuckdave said:

@minipato: Once you get old enough you realize how stupid all of the MGS storylines are, excepting 3 which is still alright even if it's completely ridiculous. The characters are good in Peacewalker as well.

I can still enjoy the stories of MGS1-3. MGS4 is just way worse written in comparison to the past games. I was a hardcore MGS fan and bought a PS3 for it. I could list out the reasons why I hate MGS4 from both a story and gameplay perspective, but I've done that about a dozen times on these forums don't want to derail this thread with MGS4 spoilers.

#57 Posted by Shaunage (792 posts) -

I spent 90% of that cutscene before the last boss thinking about just skipping it.

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@tangoup: Y'all got baited by a master troll of an OP.

10/10 game was okay.

#59 Edited by crithon (3513 posts) -

the more I think about it, the more I enjoy the story to this then MGS2 or 4 combined. Not MGS1, 3 or Peace Walker.

#60 Posted by MEATBALL (3879 posts) -

I'm pretty sure you're wrong. Nanomachines, son.

#61 Posted by MasterpinE (96 posts) -

This game is art. Ending is likely the highlight of my 2013. I just remember watching it all unfold grinning like a mad man and applauding the screen. Bravo Platinum. Bravo. Playing it all again on PC and it's still just as awesome.

#62 Posted by johncallahan (709 posts) -

Opinions and all that. I can see how someone wouldn't like it, but that is one of my favorite games of last year. Due in large part to that final boss. I mean, come on. It's SO god damn ridiculous. It's beautiful.

#63 Edited by The_Nubster (2509 posts) -

Part of me feels like revengeance is a semi-self aware parody of the entire metal gear series, right down to the iconic NANOMACHINES, SON like, which can be used to explain like 90% of MGS.

Yes. This is precisely what it is. Raiden doesn't understand what Armstrong even is or how he's capable of anything he's doing, and his retort is "because fuck you" and then he gets punted like a football. it's incredible.

#64 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4166 posts) -

@minipato: Once you get old enough you realize how stupid all of the MGS storylines are, excepting 3 which is still alright even if it's completely ridiculous. The characters are good in Peacewalker as well.

Yeah but then you get even older and you realize they are masterpieces because of how stupid they are.

#65 Posted by Onomatopoeia (103 posts) -

@tangoup said:

Just finished it. Phew.

It is an incredibly, incredibly short game. And that said, I still think the last level (not just the end boss) should have been canned completely. It is the most stupid, idiotic and insulting pieces of shitty dialogue and exposition and ridiculousness I have ever seen. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Forget Mass Effect 3, I think this game's shitty excuse for an ending takes the Razzie award for the worst finale in games. Also talk about reducing a ninja game into a juvenile WWE wrestling match. That last boss has to be the worst boss I have seen in a game.

The story is all over the place and unfortunately, apart from Mistral and Sam, the bosses don't have much in the way of personalities. The exposition at the end is an overblown rip-off from Vanquish (and Vanquish didn't even pretend to have a coherent story) with the war economy stuff. Are Platinum developers Americans? I don't understand their fascination with all things US.

Back on topic, George was probably the highlight of the story and it's a shame we see him for less than 10 minutes. So character wise,

Doktor - won't shut up

Kevin - his story about the memes and Richard Dawkins saves him from being a bore

Courtney - I think she was written in for the cleavage

Boris - Da, tovarich

Sundowner - Shut up fatty

Monsoon - no comment

Armstrong - what this is, I don't even ...

Wolf - drown in molten lava you sanctimonious tin can

Well, at least I can concentrate on the gameplay when I replay it because this is just a loose set of missions with a few bosses thrown in to give the semblance of a game. I will not be supporting this title by buying the DLC.

That said, the gameplay is smooth but the camera is problematic. 3/5 stars. I expected better from the makers of Vanquish.

I have a question and it is: Why the fuck do people like you insist on playing games like this?

I don't mean that insultingly I am legitimately confused on why you'd be so pissed off about a part of the game that isn't the main focus and write nothing about gameplay at all.

Also why would you want to cut out the last part of the game? You have a sword fight with a huge ass robot and then proceed to have one of the best boss fights of the last 7 years (with Dante in DMC4), all the bosses are designed well and are unique. I agree with you with some camera problems and lock on usually fixes this, yes it's short but it has re-playability if you want to get in to it. Zandatsu never gets old and there's a shit ton to unlock. The DLC has problems with reusing areas but the gameplay still stands for Wolf and Sam.

#66 Posted by Quarters (2080 posts) -

Do you just hate joy? That must be it.

#67 Posted by cmblasko (1464 posts) -

Seriously OP, you need to explain why you think George is the only good character in the game. If you dislike everything else about the game, fine, but why is George any good? I was hoping I wouldn't see (or more specifically, hear) him again after the 2nd chapter.

#68 Posted by barberforce (116 posts) -

lol as an Englishman i found all the bosses and especially the end boss to just be a big F.U Parody to America. This game was always gonna be a bit bonkers. Wasn't it Ninja Gaiden with all the bouncing boobs during cut-scenes....

#69 Posted by hermes (1723 posts) -

My biggest gripe with that game is that it takes that long to reach that level of over-the-topness. That fight was the reason I play Platinum games, and the ridiculous writing is exactly the level of seriousness MGS deserves.

That, and the controls... those controls are shit.

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