Where to Preorder?

#1 Posted by Brighty (276 posts) -

GameStop has the Gray Fox/Fox Blade preorder bonus, but Microsoft has the 1600 MS points bonus.

What are the odds on the Gray Fox skin becoming DLC in the future? They're already giving it away for free to all EU players.

#2 Posted by Bane122 (912 posts) -

Eventually, pretty much all pre-order DLC goes up for sale.

#3 Edited by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

Very likely that it'll either be DLC or unlock able. Probably the former. It'll be about 400 points though. 1600MS points would cover that.

#4 Posted by Spoonman671 (5165 posts) -

Microsoft points seems like the obvious choice to me.

#5 Posted by Marmalade (201 posts) -

Points are money! Go with the money and just buy the skin when it goes up as DLC, that is if you still care about it by then, if not you're still left with $20 worth of points!

#6 Edited by MildMolasses (3193 posts) -

I don't even know how this is a question? A skin which, in my experience, always suck because they seem out of place, or free money.

#7 Edited by Apathylad (3234 posts) -

I think BestBuy is still giving a $20 certificate. There's that, too. I don't have any Microsoft Stores nearby. >.>

I preordered at GameStop for the costume.

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