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MGS2 is one of the first PS2 games, and one of the best. 0

MGS2 literally takes the Stealth genre and makes it its own. Back in 02 this game was the best of its genre, now it has been bested by some other games, and even its sequel. But this game still holds up even by todays standards.The Gameplay is astounding, fluid, and put at a pace so you can calculate what to do and where to go. The gameplay switches sometimes throughout the game, for example there is a section where you are escorting someone throught a flooded part of an area, but the gameplay u...

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A complex but enjoyable stealth adventure. 0

A good rule of storytelling is to keep things simple. This way, the story can explore a few concepts in great depth without confusing the audience or weakening the plot. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty flagrantly breaks this rule, telling one of the most complex stories in any video game. Despite this, the game still succeeds. True, the plot isn't completely tight, but it somehow manages to tell a cohesive story with very well thought out points without collapsing in on itself. On top of tha...

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Second best gajme ever made!! - EPIC 2

Ok here's the thing you either love this game or not and I would think most people love it. The game has two games in one, one you play as solid snake on a tanker mission and raiden on the plant mission. The story line is excellent and told with the use of lenthy cut scenes which work really well and look amazing. The graphics are fantastic from the detail of the guns you aim to the cloths that you where and the detail of the tanker and the big shell. When you are high up on the plant chapter (s...

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Load of bull 0

I'm going to specify that in this review, I'm addressing MGS2 as a whole. The graphics, sound, and presentation of the second installment of the MGS series is more or less unassailable. The gameplay has its flaws, but is also generally solid. Unfortunately it seems with MGS the real elephant in the room is the storyline. I have never, in my life, felt my enjoyment of a game sapped so completely by its storyline than in this game.Any self-respecting video game player and human should recognize th...

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Metal Gear Solid 2 Review for PS2 0

Yes I know the score it got but I say underappreciated because people say it's the worst entry in the series, when really there is no worst entry; they are all masterpieces. When the original MGS came out I was floored by the entire experience, but when the game ended I felt horrible but also up lifted by the ending (yes I saved Meryl the first time through.) The main thing was I didn't want it to end. For the longest time I wasn't sure if Kojima would make another game, I mean the part after th...

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A continuation to one of the greatest games ever made. 0

I can't forget the day I bought this game. It was before I had access to Internet and my only source of information was magazines. I had heard very little of the game, mostly speculations from friends, but I knew it was on its way.MGS 2 was probably the most exciting game purchase I have ever made. This was the sequel to a game that had affected me like no game before. Not only that, but it was for the all new next-gen console, PlayStation 2.The first thing I noticed was the dramatic, well anima...

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Metal Gear Solid 2 and Authority 0

With the re-release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as part of an HD Collection, I recently had the time to jump back into an old favorite and relive years-old nostalgia for a classic. It's funny, how as we grow older, and our minds mature we go back to things we used to enjoy, and review them from our new, supposedly enlightened perspective, and ponder how messages we never picked up on before seem so clear now. Our perception of reality, and comprehension of information, is an increasin...

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What you are about to learn...Is top secret. 2

Ok see, the mission is something that you can't even talk about because it just leaves you damn straight speechless. I mean, the game involves so much blab that at the end of it you're thinking to yourself, "Ok, what the fuck just happened." That's the impression that this "mission simulation" left on me, lot's and lot's of nonsensical nonsense. I mean, it really didn't help that I never played the first MGS game, but ah, I got by...with a major headache. All in all in the end I was very impress...

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metal gear solid 2 : sons of liberty 0

Metal Gear Solid 2 carries the super title of "Tactical Espionage Action" indeed most of the game involves sneaking around without being seen by the enemies, using intelligence and swift response from the player.but there is a much wider range of skills offered to the player rather than just sneak and shoot. The new first-person aiming mode allows players to target specific things with there gun, (like an enemies head) greatly expanding tactical options. guards could be blinded by steam by shoot...

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A triumphant return for Solid Snake. Or is it...? 0

When Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, critics and consumers lapped it up. They dug the new means of storytelling and grasped the intense new ways in which a story could be told. Characters were no longer two dimensional and there was a vast moral dilemma aspect introduced which made gaming feel more...real. So for Hideo Kojima to dive back into the world of Metal Gear Solid, many people came to a logical conclusion:Konami were going to have to pull a chicken out of their ass to somehow mak...

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Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Collection 0

Join Solid Snake in the sequel to the hit game Metal Gear Solid for an all new adventure in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Now a confession has to be made, because the above statement is a bit of a lie. You only play as the legendary Solid Snake for the first hour of gameplay, then you switch to an all new character who you will control for the rest of the game. When I first heard about this I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Snake is the ultimate bad ass. You and him went through hell t...

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A msterpiece of storytelling. 0


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Cannot be surpassed 0

My favourite game of all time, everything to be said has already been said about the story, the depth, replay value and impact on the player. But perhaps the best thing about MGS2 is the way it hints at the vast conspiracy within the metal gear universe, and ultimately these teasers prove to be much more satisfying than the conclusions offered in MGS4.The boss battles are admittedly not as exciting or well designed as the first game, however the thing about these battles is that they do not in a...

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