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My favorite MGS game. 0

As I stated above, this is my favorite game in the Metal Gear Solid series. It be due to the fact that it was also my first. My friends all raved about the original Metal Gear Solid, and they said Sons of Liberty was too.. Well, I had bought a Playstation 2 already so that I could play GTA III, so I figured I'd at least look into this, and I'm glad I did.The graphics are top notch, some of the best you'll see on a Playstation 2. The art design is very clean looking, but dark and gloomy at the sa...

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A good sequel 0

Metal Gear Solid 2 starts 2 years after the events on Shadow Moses (MGS1), and Snake has now (together with Otacon) joined "Philantrophy" which is an organisation which purpose is to destroy the various Metal Gears that have been made after the incidents in MGS1.The game starts on the George Washington Bridge, where we see Snake (in stealth camouflage) jumps onto an oil tanker which is supposed to hold a new Metal Gear weapon called "METAL GEAR RAY".And to start of with, Snake's objective is to ...

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Kojima's Greatest Practical Joke 0

Originally posted on my blogSPOILER ALERT: This review may cover plot points that will spoil MGS2. The Story Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty picks up several years after the first MGS. Snake is still retired from FOXHOUND, but he is a part of the anti-Metal Gear proliferation group Philanthropy with Otacon. Snake and Otacon actively collect intel and information on Metal Gears and release them throughout the world to keep the global balance of power even and it’s rumored that they even destr...

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