Any tips? (Maybe spoilers?)

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So, does anyone have any tips gameplay wise that I could maybe use for this game? I SOMEHOW made it to the Mountain Top, which I believe is halfway through the game, and I have no idea how I made it here successfully. I tend to be bad at times when it comes to getting through areas without putting people to sleep, and my silencer broke.

Any tips other than "Hey, don't suck" or "hide more"?

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I used alot of CQC in that game. But when i got fed up i had a sniper rifle with me to pick people off. Use your camouflage more it will help.

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Use the motion sensor and the microphone. Thermal goggles also help out in finding dudes and also food. If you have the Mosin Nagat (do you have that?) you can snipe dudes without killing them.

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With the right camo you can get way closer to guards than you would have thought, I pretty sure got through most of the mountain top by just crawling past people. Other than that, study the map as occasionally you will see pretty obvious routes through the map.

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Yeah use proper camo and sneak past em.

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