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It may not have been what fans wanted, but it dosn't disapoint

 Warning - Fucking Long!
Fans were extatic when Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released, although there were a few things that they didn't like such as the playable character and the compliacted storyline which people are still working out today. Somthing that suprised fans was that the next Metal Gear Solid game would be taking place before Metal Gear Solid 2, infact even before Metal Gear, it would be taking place alot earlier. This wasn't what fans really were hoping for as the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 left many unanswered questions. The game was later revealed to be set in the jungle in 1964 and you would be playing as Snake's genetic father, Big Boss, and would be called Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. So can Snake Eater captivate the gaming world, or will they fall asleep dreaming of a game after Son's of Liberty.

It's the same as it's prevoius games, story plays a big part in the game so let me brief you. You play as a US Oprative, Codenamed Naked Snake, you have been ordered by the US govenemnt to rescue a Soviot scientist known as Sokolov. He is being forced to create a mechanicle beast that can fire nuclear weponary from any place on the planet, The Shagohod. Snake's mission is not only to resuce him, but also eliminate The Shagohod. And the criminal mastermind behind this, Colonel Volgin. He is the one forcing Sokolov to do this, he has the whole of GRU behind him also a few others.

Major Ocelot is his right hand man, yes, this is the same Ocelot who we all love and hate, although here he is alot younger, and more arragont! He is also aided by The Boss, The Boss was Naked Snake's Mentor and reccently defected to The Soviot Union along with her team, The Cobras. The Cobras Consist of The Fury, The Pain, The Fear and The End. Snake is not alone, he will have contact support over the radio. Major Zero who serves as the main person on your crew, your follow your orders from him. Also Paramedic who will save your data and teach you abot local flora and fanua, and Sigint who keeps you up to date with the latest in cutting edge technology. Snake also gaisn the help of a KGB Spy Codenamed EVA, she will be assisting you through the game.

So this is as condensed as the story gets I'm afraid, I could write pagaes and pages and pages explaining the story in more detail but I'd rather not. However, most fans will be pleased, the story in Snake Eater is no where near as complex as Sons of Liberty, but you'll still be gripped untill the very end, wondering who will die and who will live, the story is as we would expect, brilliant.

Ok thankfully Snake controls exactly the same as the prevoius protaganists so no need to wonder if it will be diffrent, veterans of the series will have no problem playing the game, new comers however will. The camara to start off with as the same as all the others, it is useally a birds eye view and non-controlable, this can make for high intense action but you can defantly see the camara is starting to age.

The movement is the same too with Snake being able to run, walk and crawl and roll. This Snake however is more advanced than his son and is trainined in the arts of CQC which simply stands for Close Quaters Combat. This is a intresting fightling style which opens up a whole range of moves, Snake can now hold a knife and a pistol at the same time so it makes it easier grabbing enemys. While performing CQC Snake can grab them and use them as a shield, pressure them for infomation, slit there throats, knock them out and knock them over. Alot of the gameplay elements found in Sons of Liberty make there way over to Snake Eater, Snake can store enemy bodys in lockers, hang over ledeges, aim and shoot in first person view and hold people up at gun point.

Wepon wise it is very impressive, as it's set in the past don't expect to be wielding a SOCOM but instead a Mk22 Hush Puppy, SVD, RPG, Scorpian Machine gun and many others. Even though there older wepons it dosn't have much of a diffrence except apart rom one gun one have lasrer sighting. Snake also as I mentioned earlier now has accsess to a knife which can prove useal in Close Quarters. He has also gained accsess to other usesfull grenades such as the somke grenade and fire grenade.
A diffrence compared to all other games in the series is the lack of a radar, this makes for much instense sneaking and there are alot of ways to do it, which leads to the biggest and best chance, camaflage. Snake is no longer limited to a sneaking suit, at the begging of the game Snake has with him some basic facepaints and clothing equipment, this is called camaoflage. At any time in the game you can change camaflage to what you think best suits the enviroment, so if your in a thick green jungle wearing a suit that bright orange may not be the best choice. To help you chose at the top right of the screen is the camo index, this displays by a percentage how well you are bleneded in to the enviroment. Snake will find many diffrent suits and facepaints throught the game to aid him. If your lucky enough to beable to aquire special suits you'll be happy because they hold extra effects like one allows you to control hornets at your will while another is fireproof.

Another big change that may not be all that good is the medical side of things, in Snake Eater Snake has two bars, one is for health and the other is for stamina, I'll start with health. Whenever Snake sustains an injury if it's bad enough you will have to do somthing about it, you must go into the cure menu and get ready to play doctor as you get to operate on Snake. This can vary depending on whether you need to remove a bullet to crack a bone back into place. This sounds good and makes the game feel more realistic, but the fact that you will and often be doing thsi in the middle of a firefight leaves nothing to the imagination, it kinda makes it a distraction from the firefights.

Then there is the stamina bar, Snake's Stamina will slowly decrese after time, to get it back up again you must go and eat somthing. There are however no take-aways in the jungle so Snake must go and capture his own food, there are a range of things to capture such as Snake's, Frogs, Fish and many more. However some of these may not be to Snake's liking, some may be poiosnus, if your not sure, contact Para-Medic and she'll give you some advice.

Boss fights are always one of the best parts in the series, and it's no exception here! Most of the boss fights are really really good and reqire some brain power to and pateince. One battle has you fighting in the dark agaisnt a fire wielding maniac while another has you playing cat and mouse with a sniper in one of the most epic boss battles in gaming history.

Where the game seems to have gone down a bit since Sons of Liberty is the enemy AI, I mean yea they are responsive and stuff but they are terrible shots. If you have been discovered by the enemy you can simply run past every enemy even in tight spaces due to there abilty to always miss your, yes there crap shots. Even if there are 10 enemys infront of you no problem, this makes sneaking feel less important and takes some of the fun out of it.

The visuals on display this time are less of a shock to the system than Metal Gear Solid 2's were back in 2001, but this was because hardly any games since then have been able to top it. Also due to a new game engine having to be used and the size of the areas there are some small fram rate isscues. But asie from that it look stunning, even more son in the cinimatics. They have all been motion captured and they've done a fantastic job, the lip synicing leaves somthing to be disred though but apart from that stunning game.

Voice acting is onpar with all other games, each character has there own unique voice that suits the character completely. David Hayter has come back to do the voice for Snake once again (Hey there clones so thats how they get around it!) All other voice actors are great too. Although some voice actors at times go abit over the top, but hey thats just Metal Gear Solid.

The score is also very well done, coposed by Harry Gregson Williams who also did the score on Sons of Liberty and a number of Hollywood films returned once again to do this one. He did a fantastic job especially withe the Metal Gear Solid Theme. The game's theme is very James Bond like and may seem like a James bond Rip off, is very well done and catchy. All in-game music is well done too, sound effects are also on par with the series.

The difficulty as I said before is not all that good, even on the toughest the game isn't that hard. the only time it can get hard is in the boss batles, aside from that the game is relativlity too easy. But this should please people who just want to know the story which is why most people play the game anyway.

The value is the same as the rest, the main game is a bit longer and there are lots of unlockbales to aquire. There is also a Boss Survival Mode, Ciniamtic viewer and an intresting Snake Vs monkey mode which clearly is a Ape Escape thing. Good value as far as I'm concered.

So what if the camara has started to age, the game is easy and you spend half the game sitting there watching it. It's Metal Gear Solid and fans have come to expect what is shown forth. It may not have been what fans wanted, but it dosn't disapoint.

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