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Easily the best incarnation of Snake to hit the PS2. In this game you play as Naked Snake, whom further in chronology becomes Big Boss, not Raiden, not Solid Snake, but Naked Snake. But don't worry because Solid Snake is a cloned version of Big Boss so you won't be missing anything in this amazing prequel to the incredible Metal Gear Solid franchise. Not some pre-pubescent whiny blond girly man also known as Raiden. Im sorry. But I hate Raiden.

Like the other games in the series this is a Stealth-Based game. You spend a decent amount of time in the jungle occasionally going indoors. You have an arsenal of weapons although it is a stealth game. Your most trusty weapons are your Tranquilizer, your pistol, and your knife. You can perform a wide-array of actions such as slitting someones throat, interrogating them, strangling them, hanging from trees, faking your death, and plenty more.

Most MGS games have amazing graphical quality and this game is NO exception. The Jungle and character models are nothing short of amazing. (for the PS2 anyway) 'nuff said

And you know what....thats all I have to say. Play this game. DO IT. I can't spoil the story for you.
Kuwabara, kuwabara


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