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Top Ten of all time. 0

 (NOTE: This Review comes from someone who didn't play MGS3 the first time around, enjoy)Pros: Great Gameplay, Wonderful Storyline, Graphics still hold up, Online play is wonderfully good, The first to Metal Gear games, Duel Mode, everything you'd ever want from this game, and more. And Ocelot.Cons: easiness to get Demo Theatre could ruin you, no cutscenes during duel mode, kinda funky controls online.DISC 1: SUBSISTANCEOn this disc is the actual game, demo theatre, and you can download new camo...

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Subsistence is pure substance, a game you can’t miss out on! 1

Metal Gear has just taken itself to an all new high with the expansion pack of Snake Eater. Subsistence contains 2 discs, disc 1: Subsistence and disc 2: Persistence. Disc 1 features the entire Snake Eater game with an all new 3-D camera. Snake Eater is very realistic in its own way. It is survival of the fittest and Snake is just the man for the job. On the survival viewer screen you have a backpack which contains all of your stuff such as weapons and accessories. Food lets you replenish your ...

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence 0

I wasn't sure about this one for a lot of the time I was playing it. Most of the new gameplay features add depth but detract from the fun, in my opinion. Limited inventory space, having to use camoflage, feed yourself, and mend your wounds and breaks sounds cool and realistic, but it just adds a ton of menu navigation to the normal gameplay experience. I don't think it really enhanced my experience needing to change my uniform when I move from the jungle to the inside of a building or click on a...

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A PS2 must-play. Among the most memorable games in years. 0

I've had MGS3: Subsistence sitting around the apartment for a long time, untouched. I bought it at release but never got the motivation to play through it, largely because I wasn't a big fan of MGS2's over-the-top storylines and heavy cinematic-to-gameplay ratio.Now a few days before MGS4 is released, I felt a duty to actually play through Snake Eater, and all I can say is I feel really, really, REALLY stupid for not playing this sooner. MGS3 is one of the most epic, satisfying, fun, thought-pro...

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Best in the series 0

I love everything in this game, the charachters, the story, the emotions,the new camera view, the boss battles and the soundtrack. Omg the music in this game is heaven in your ears.Naked Snake storyline is always my favorite, he feels more human then solid snake i see why his story is so big that i cant wait for MGSV The Phantom Pain to know the conclusion of his story....

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An Unforgettable Game 0

Despite the title of Metal Gear Solid, Snake Eater is a very different game than previous installments in the series. After Metal Gear Solid 2 received criticism for its complex story, Kojima Productions created a narrative that was more fluid, yet includes the great plot twists that we have come to expect from the series. While the player does not control the namesake character of the series, Solid Snake, we are put in control of an close-to-complete carbon copy. It will be easy for those who h...

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An Epic Game. BEST in the Series 0

Originally posted on my blogSPOILER ALERT: This review may cover plot points that will spoil MGS3. “Whoever wins, the battle does not end. The loser is set free from the battlefield, while the winner must remain there. And the survivor will live out his life as the warrior until the day he dies.” -Big Boss to Solid Snake The Story Metal Gear’s story completely revolves around the subjects of loyalty and betrayal. From the absolute first game for the MGX all the way to Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake is...

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Sorry, still no Solid Snake 0

This is the third in the series of stealth-action games and it is the first I've played in the series. The story is apparently a prequel to the other games, so I'm not getting any information I shouldn't have, which is actually significant since these are very plot-heavy games. I've heard the critique that you watch Metal Gear more than play it, and while the game does have more cinematics than probably any game I've played, the actual game is fun to play too, once you get the hang of it.The plo...

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The Score Whore Ultimate Review: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence 0

What makes a great game review?  Is it thoughtful analysis of the themes and meaning behind the game?  Is it a detailed list of flaws and successes in mechanics and presentation? Of course not!  It's the freaking SCORE! So here it is, The Score Whore Ultimate Review of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence for PS2. Graphics: 10/11 Sound: 10/11 Gameplay: 10/11 Awesome: 11/11 Overall: 11/11 * Scoring is on a scale of 0 to 11, because some games are Eternity's Child and some games are Super Mario Wor...

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On the PS2, this is as good as it gets. 0

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is the "Director's Cut", if you will, of the already amazing and critically acclaimed 2004 release, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If you've spent any amount of time with Snake Eater then you already know what an incredible experience that game can provide. So, you may find yourself asking, "How can Snake Eater possibly have been improved?". I'm here to provide you with that and answer and more.One of the things that made Snake Eater so fresh and reinvigorating ...

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