Am I the only one who enjoyed the Integral podcast?

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In case everyone forgot; starting in February, you could download an in-game podcast that you can play in Snake's iPod that acts as a commentary track hosted by Sean Eyestone, Ken Imaizumi, and Aki Saito.

Now, there really hasn't been a whole lot of talk about this anywhere so I'm pretty curious as to who has and hasn't been playing through with this on. It's really great because not only do they talk about how certain places came to be, but also some pretty cool secrets.

I also want to know if anyone has managed to take a picture of the "Mysterious Figure" in Act 3? It's so much harder than I thought it would be, even with two controllers.

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Yeah I didn't realize this came out. Unfortunately I'm tapped out on MGS4 after beating it 13+ times, until trophies come that is.... Anyways I did watch up to the 2nd act on youtube. Great stuff, seriously wish they released this when I was still actually playing it. On act 3, you're talking about the robot things looks like a man following you right? He was pretty easy to take a picture of, every time I looked back I'd see him looking at me.

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I haven't listened to it yet but I plan to soon. How does it match up with the player's playthrough of the game?

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I didnt know this was there.  I dont care because i only played MGS4 once, because as soon as I saw Big Boss at the end, I threw my ps3 against the wall until is spit out the game and I put the disc in the toilet and took a dump on it.  Yeah, I was willing to give you many Metal Gears with blood in them, Ocelet being taken over by liquids fucking arm, I was even willing to look past the idiocy that was the idea that the Boss was the best soldier in the world and that there was an old guy and guy made of bees as part of the best killing unit in the world.  I even was ok with Raiden being a bitch and being part of a group that calls itself Philanthropy (a super gay name), but when you make Big Boss be alive and these nobodies in terms of the world out to be the Patriots?  Seriously, Sigint?  ParaMedic?  They are the patriots?  OK, fuck you Kojima, fuck you.  I wish I could forget about the last 10 years and just remember that I played the first MGS and think, wow, that fight with Psycho Mantis was cool.
Sorry about the rant, but the idea of a commentary track coming out like that is cool.

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