Boss Walkthrough on Overview?

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I don't know if this is just me but i don't think there should be a walkthrough on the main page since there is the same walkthrough on the Bosses character page. They just copy and pasted it again from there seems like a quick way to make points.

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#3 Posted by MatsSundin (108 posts) -

Why? thats only for pages this is just text on a page. I would delete it myself but i was wondering what other people's take on it was

#4 Posted by lordofultima (6557 posts) -

You're probably correct. Rectifying the situation now.

#5 Posted by MatsSundin (108 posts) -

thanks hopefully it will clean up the page a bit

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Heeey, I wrote those reviews. But I didn't put them on this page, so it's okay.

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There's supposed to be a "guides" section added to games later. That's probably where this kind of stuff should go in the future.

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