Has anyone played the single player while wearing a headset?

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its my fourth playthrough (i know only fourth!?! so little) and i just found out u can use a bluetooth headset as a way to receive incoming codec alerts. its a pretty cool novelty and definitely makes the playthrough more exciting

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Wow. I didn't know this. Thanks!

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Holy crap... I have to try this soon.

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I noticed this option on day 1 since a few years back I posed a few MGS4 suggestions on IGN and one of them was to have a option of using headset to hear codec conversations.  Ocaton is to be heard through the headset and Snake's voice would output through the speakers and we would be able to play while listening to the codec in real time(overused term at that time).
Then many seem to like that idea so I sent the suggestion on the Kojima Production site.

When I tried this feature, I was disappointed that only codec calls during gameplay uses this feature; I stopped wearing my headset after the 1st two hours or so as it was hurting my ear and I didn't hear much from it.
So yeah it's kinda gimmicky since those codec moments were kinda rare.  I kinda hoped those important codec calls would happen during gameplay so then this feature would add to the gameplay. 
Anyway codec in MGS4 wasn't as big as others in the series to begin with.  

But I've got to say It's pretty rad when your idea is actually put into the game. (rather they got it from me or not)

#5 Posted by Patchinko (841 posts) -

That's pretty darn cool. May have to do that. :)

#6 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

*Rushes to PS3 to try this*

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