Health Warnings.

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So I'm rather late in getting to play this game as I only aquired myself a PS3 a few days ago. The game is great but I cant help but notice that there are so many occasions the game tries to get me to stop playing. I can understand why it discourages smoking as Snake pretty much eats a cigarette while its installing, but telling me to stop after 2am, after I've been playing for a certain amount of time, telling me to play in a lit room sitting as far back as possible, even giving me suggestions as to how I should rest my eyes during these breaks.

Now I know these are all reasonable things to suggest as some people (myself included) play for a ridiculous amount of time and at all hours of the day, but why did they cram their game full of these messages? Where they under some kind of pressure or is it just Kojima being Kojima? (you know...a little odd.)

Any ideas? 

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I always assumed it was Kojima being Kojima. 

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I thought it was a reference to MGS 2

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To me it just seemed like they were breaking the fourth wall just for the purpose of breaking the fourth wall.

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Why are you bumping 6 months old threads about MGS?
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Another helpful HideoHealth™ tip;
Take a thermometer, plug it in to controller port two and you can beat Psycho Mantis if you don't have a fever.

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@CrazyChris: ? I didn't go out of my way to bump this. I saw it on the front page of this board and posted, I didnt even realize it was old. :D
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It goes to show that I was probably the last person to look at this section of the forums until you posted 6 months and 2 weeks later. =P

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Those warnings probably saved my life, back in the day when I used to play that game for insane amounts of time.

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