How bad did the Bombcast spoil MGS4? (August 26) Spoilers I guess

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So I thought I was safe, most podcasts I've listened to over the past couple months (including the bomb) have been pretty schtum and had warnings about spoilers so I knew to cover my ears and go "lalalalalala" but they just implied twice in this cast that Solid Snake dies. Is this true, that kinda sucks, I mean I had my guesses and all but I didn't wanna flat out hear it without playing the game. I mean I usually don't give a shit about game stories but Metal Gear has always kinda been about the story. Just another reason for me not to get that PS3 I guess. :(

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You say you don't want it spoiled yet you come here and ask for things you have heard to be confirmed, just play it.

#3 Posted by reich_joyce (51 posts) -

Fair enough, but your silence speaks volumes. :)  I mean it's pretty obvious. Oh well can't take it back now!

#4 Posted by Lokirth (5 posts) -

Yes. Snake dies and Raiden is really Big Boss in disguise.

And Otacon is an alien.

#5 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -
Lokirth said:
"and Raiden is really Big Boss in disguise.."
haha, I really lol'd on that one.
#6 Posted by Inazuma (13 posts) -

I actually felt I had to finally sign up to this site, just to reply to this topic!

Obviously, I can't say what happens, But let me tell you, you really should get this game to find out what happens! I really can't say anything without making spoilers, so all I will say is that you need to get this game even if you have heard what you believe happens.

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This was posted 3 weeks ago... Perhaps the original poster has played it by now. But still, don't ask to not be spoiled but then want everything confirmed, that's just hypocrisy.

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