How will people react to this going 360

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this was blank. didn't look right to me. 
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This seems like a flame war waiting to happen.

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It won't happen. Remember this post when E3 comes.

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Meh ...

Another PS3 Exclusive makes its way onto Xbox 360.

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Shouldn't the title be "How would people react to this going 360"?

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There's been so much talk about this that i wouldn't be surprised either way at this point. If there was extra stuff like subsistence and not a straight port, i think it would be multiplatform though.
We'll just have to wait and see.

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@Daz108:  Wrong thread, fool.
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somebody please band this ignorant fanboy

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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
hahahahahaha, haha, ha...... oh God, that was so funny.
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@Daz108: Halo 3 is not a "class" game.

...That would be Half-Life. My work here is done.
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Muttinus_Rump said:
Staff said: Has been deleted.. hahahahahaha, haha, ha...... oh God, that was so funny. [more]
no it was retarded, he posts the exact same thing in every thread. 
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@TwoOneFive: Doesn't mean it aint funny.
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I already played it on PS3, so I don't really care,  but I think it would be bad for buisness, lots of my friends bought PS3's for MGS4 when it came out.

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Has been deleted..
Great english 
intelligent commentary not even related to the thread 
Great post dude ! 

Just get the fuck out of here
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Ummm... seriously, there's other stuff I'm way more anxious to see/hear about than MGS4 coming to 360. 

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Sticking to the topic, I think it will give some of the PS3 fanboys a hard time for a while, whilst the 360 fanboys use it as ammo for... whatever they are trying to do. But the guys who really like the game wont care, because they already have it. People should be happy that this great game comes to the 360, it just means more people get to play it, which can never be a bad thing.

That is "IF" it comes to 360.

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The thought of it gets me pretty excited, because I've been holding out so long.  Yet I've been holding out so long that I'm almost to the point of getting a PS3 anyway, for more than just MGS4.  Either way there's going to be a Kojima game for the XBox, right?  Whether it's MGS or not it still sounds cool.

Fanboys are stupid, I just like games in general.  If I could afford a PS3 I'd definitely get one.  But the 360 is my fave because it's a good well-rounded machine, and it's only really kept me from one or two games that I really wanted.  The 360 exclusives are fine, but I'd still prefer MGS4 to Gears 2 or whatever.

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Has been deleted..

Wow ... just wow!! :o

Anyway, as a 360 owner I'd like to see a game that was very well received make its way onto my platform and there is no denying it looks cool, however, I do hear some say that it is "impossible" for it to be put on the 360 because it is passed what the system can handle but I'm sure it can be done somehow - so we'll just wait and see if it actually happens. Just hope they don't do a half-ass port, I'd rather it doesn't bother coming over than it does come over and is a shit version of the original. 

Do get annoyed with people who get angry when "their" exclusives go over to another system, why? Just means more people are getting a chance to enjoy the game your enjoying - I wouldn't give 2 shits if Halo 3 went to Sony (although it won't now 'cos MS own the Halo license) and don't think most PS3 owners would care if MGS4 went over to X360, some people (ahem Fanboys) need to grow up and understand there is no difference between console owners and that they just want to enjoy games like themselves!!
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It's not going to happen, even Kojima said it won't happen!

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How would?well it would suck since it would need like 3 discs.

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TheMustacheHero said:
It's not going to happen, even Kojima said it won't happen!
Kojima lies. All the time. Every MGS fan knows this

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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
Hahahahaha, give me some xbox 360, wii, PS3 toast please hahahaha.
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The reaction from people who actually like Metal Gear will probably be indifference because they will have played it by now or at least know what's going on with it.

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I think the game is too big and looks to great to actually make its way to a 360 disc, so I really doubt this will actually happen.

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addictedtopinescent said:
I already played it on PS3, so I don't really care, but I think it would be bad for buisness, ... [more]
Well, it would be great business for Konami....and it was great business for Sony since your friends bought PS3' guess is it will also be good business for Microsoft should that game come out. I'm juzz thinkin' of thems dollarz and centz.

BigBoss1911 said:
How would?well it would suck since it would need like 3 discs. [more]

I give Konami a little more credit then most, they can probably bring the game over reasonably well.....
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@TwoOneFive: It's ban not band...
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"Yay, now 360 owners can experience this great game! That means more money to Konami to continue publishing these great games." and "I hope any worthwhile extra stuff is available as DLC on the PSN, otherwise I'll have to buy it and play it on my brothers 360, a pain but no big deal."

Precisely that. Everyone has a brother.

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Jesus Christ...


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The talk on the town is that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be announced for Xbox 360 at E3, I'm personally more interested in the new Metal Gear game for Playstation 3. 

I think they could port it to Microsoft's system, but I suspect they would have to change the game to some degree because there was a lot of talk about how the MGS4 Graphics engine was built around the PS3's strengths. 

But it could be done though. I can't wait to see the new Metal Gear game though.

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I'm pretty excited about it.

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It would piss ps3 fanboys off.

Make 360 fanboys rejoice. 

What else can we really expect?

A new way to look at it though, most 360 fanboys probably aren't as familiar with the metal gear series as ps3 fanboys were when the game came out. So well see if the sales of the game are as good. (if it ends up on the 360)
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I'd buy it just to support possibility of other metal gear endeavors on the 360

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ooo noes

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its kind of sickening to think of how asshole 360 fanboys will act, and pretending they didn't bash MGS4 when it first came out. 

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The days of exclusives are over... everything that is exclusive now will most likely come to the other console at some point in the future. I can't see any reason why MGS4 would not work on the 360... and from a business point of view they'd be stupid not to port it.

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I say, sweet. I'll finally play it now. Not SUPER DUPER excited or anything though.

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The new MGS WILL involve Xbox360 but not in the way most of you guys think.  Snake is provided with a sledgehammer,  a Xbox360, a pack of cigarettes, and then is locked in a room.    I heard the ingame physics are amazing.
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I guess it'd be cool to have the option. I've always wanted to get into the MGS series because on a  cinematic level they look so fantastic but stealth games just infuriate me to no end. I'd consider buying a MGS game for 360 but only if it was a new one. I wouldn't pay full price for a 360 port of MGS4 or something.

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honestly i dont give a rats ass i love my ps3 and i will never buy a xbox (i personaly dont like it) but if a buddy of mine who is a xbox user can get the same joy out of mgs4 without having to buy a ps3 that im just happy for him konsole xclusivity is bullshit i want my game do a port and a good one times xclusivity's are okay if they arent insane

basicly i want to get as close to one console heaven as posible why should some be robbed of a great game xperience just so the company can grow fat on konsole sales for 1 great game i would rather save the money and use em' on games

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I would jump for fucking joy. I love metal gear.

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I'd probably buy it for the 360 if they added some content even though I already own it for the PS3.

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Player1 said:
It would piss ps3 fanboys off.Make 360 fanboys rejoice. What else can we really expect?A new way to look at ... [more]
nah, ps3 fanboys wouldnt care, they all played it already and the same thing has happened twice before. 
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but anyways, its not mgs4, its a new raiden action game. whatever. will be badass but its not an exclusive. 

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