I feel like I'm playing the game wrong!

#1 Posted by heavymtlhead (243 posts) -

I just bought MGS4 and played up to the 3rd act and while I think it is a quality game, I feel like it is always punishing me. I get the feeling the game wants me to play it a certain way but doesnt tell me how. When they want me sneak, they make it almost impossible in some areas by having too much space for the enemies to see you. If you try to just run-and-gun, you eventually get overwhelmed and killed fairly quickly. I'm not complaining that the game is hard, but I feel like I'm playing the game sloppily and just barely surviving. Does anyone else feel this way about MGS4 or any other games?

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I would say just take your time, its easier to sneak and you get more out of it

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19530 posts) -

When you have to sneak around, be a ninja.  When you need to shoot dudes, be Rambo.

#4 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3201 posts) -

Tranquilize anything that moves.

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play it how you would naturally play it 

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@JJOR64 said:
"When you have to sneak around, be a ninja.  When you need to shoot dudes, be Rambo."

That's basically what I'm doing but neither technique is 100% guaranteed to work every time
#7 Posted by JJOR64 (19530 posts) -
@heavymtlhead: What difficulty are you playing on?
#8 Posted by Log (183 posts) -

I found that the only way to make sneaking fully effective is to become close friends with your Tranq Gun....

#9 Posted by heavymtlhead (243 posts) -
@JJOR64 said:
"@heavymtlhead: What difficulty are you playing on?"

Normal. I forget what the game name for it is but its the second to last one.
#10 Posted by JJOR64 (19530 posts) -
@heavymtlhead: Hmmm....  I didn't have any problems on Normal.  Maybe you should take it slow and steady.
#11 Posted by bybeach (5144 posts) -

Right, close friends with the tranq gun, and find a place you can retreat to

#12 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

Big Boss award = No alerts and complete under 5 hours, it's never impossible to sneak.

#13 Posted by TheFreshmaker (131 posts) -

I know what you mean when you say you feel you're playing it wrong.  Getting caught is not as punishing as previous metal gear games, but it still throws a small wrench into your momentum.

Nothing feels better than successfully sneaking through an area though.

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i actually felt the same exact way about it when i played it at my friends house... thats probably why i never finished it

it feels like the game cant decide what it wants to be

#15 Posted by Roddra (26 posts) -
@NickL: It's a shame you didn't take the time to identify it yourself. The series' by-line is tactical espionage action and it fully earns it. Generally, running down the road, screaming and firing your AK into the air is a good way for any single individual to get dead. Snake is not BJ Blaskowicz.

Like many other titles, keeping aware of one's surroundings and enemies is integral. MGS4 is unique in its wide array of options to complete your task. My wife was given a great scenario last night that I got to really appreciate this: She was nearing a set of steps and heard a PMC trooper on the floor above her. She had the option to wander further down and find another flight of stairs, tap on a wall (or knock something over) to get the guard to come to her, snuck up in range to dispose of him (lethally or otherwise), or simply slipped past him when his attention was elsewhere. Despite her fondness for loud, fully automatic weaponry, she chose the latter, safely avoiding that conflict and others like it until she reached her rendezvous.

Likewise, in espionage not all engagements are avoidable. Keeping a level head is just as or more important, and sticking it out will quickly get it shot.
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Wait wait wait...

You can actually PLAY Metal Gear Solid 4?  Maybe that's what you're doing wrong.  You're supposed to just be sitting back and watching it.
#17 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

I liked MGS4 because it was the first in the series that actually gave me options if I wanted to run and gun or go stealth.  Between that and being able to move in a crouch, definitely the best playing MGS IMO.

#18 Posted by Roddra (26 posts) -
@jakob187: I know, right? I hate all those annoying parts where you have to move that old guy around. It just interrupts all those cutscenes that you can just skip if you're not interested in the story.
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I finished the game last night and although the parts when I'm playing the game doesnt match everything else in the game IMO (graphics, presentation, storytelling, ect.) it is still a solid experience and it is worth playing just to see how the crazy story will unfold. It could have been much worse so the fact that it was still enjoyable to play is a feat within itself.

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Screw the run and gun parts, just be covert and patient. It's better to snipe out the opposition so you can move undetected if you ask me, I got the feeling too. Right near the start when you have to get past that first lot of PMC Troops, it's so much easier to pepper em with the AK =P

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