Is it just my copy or?

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hi gamers, iv recently purchased mgs4 an i cant help but notice that when theres alot of action on screen such as smoke effects, multiple enemies engaged in gun battle etc (such as in the middle east just after the part when u meet the remote control mk2) that the frame rate seems to dip, im just worried whether its my copy of the game or its a normal occurence. thanks guys let me know

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Nice madlibs bro.

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Nope, mine works fine.

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Not sure what's going on here but it's not genuine.

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For this and all future variations of this: No. No, it's not just your copy. Everybody has the frame drops in MGS4, everybody has the same controls in Killzone 2, everybody's copy of Big Bumpin' doubles as a drink coaster.

Edit: Wow, why was I being such a dick when I posted this four months ago? My belated apologies.

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I don't recall it being too laggy, I'm sure it's not just your game. I believe their was a patch to let you install the whole game, turns out you don't have PSN though?

I think the best advice would be to just connect your console to the internet, they have all these patches for a reason.

Are you living 5 years in the past?

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Yes when all of your games experience frame rate issues makes sure to make threads for every single game.

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I haven't played it since it came out, so no idea if a later patch messed it up.

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I think there can be some a slight slowdown if you mow down hundreds of enemies during the South America mission. But, the game was never patched for bugs.

The only patch that was ever put up was the Trophy patch. And, there might have been one prior to lock out the MGS Online screen that is now gone completely (but that happened after I downloaded the trophy patch, so no idea if that was part of that.)

The game is about as bug free as game can possibly be. I've never ran into a single one after like 15 playthoughs.

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