Is there a list of save points or any more than I know?

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Is there a list of save points for this game? I know its an odd request but so far the length of time has prevented me from playing since I have to commit 3 hours at a time and my tendancy as a gamer is to play for about an hour. With most games this is fine, usually I have just passed a save point (or can choose save from a menu) or can finish a misson relativly quickly. With MGS4 I almost fear playing this game unless something comes up (which is fairly often), or the power goes out or if Im playing late at night I feel sleepy (which happens sometimes when I watch movies at night, but I can just go to that point again).

So does a list of save points exist? Ive only been able to save 5 minutes after it begins, at the end of act 1/start of 2, right before the laughing octopus woman boss fight which for me was about 10 minutes before the end of act 2 and then end of act 2/start of 3. Its a really long time between save points compared to other games.

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