Ok i know that there has to be tons of these but

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ok i wanted to stat the series but im kind of starting on the 3rd one i saw my friend play little bits of the 1st but i know whats going on in that game and the 2nd i saw my friend playing the entire thing lol so do you think that the third would be a good decision?

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I would always recommend playing all the games, but if that's not an option for you then you should be okay understanding MGS3 as it is a prequel to the whole series.

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i don't think it's worth replaying all the others just for MGS4. I was in a similar position as you, I had only played MGS1 and had seen my brother play parts of MGS3.  I had no problem understanding the story.  MGS4 is a great game, and whether you have or haven't played the others I believe it's definitely still worth picking up, it's a great game.  You can also look up info about the game if you have too, that helped me and it didn't really take away from the story at all.

#4 Posted by AutomaticSnake (390 posts) -

MGS4 explains the entire story really well so you dont really need to play all of them before you play MGS4.

#5 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I find that when you jump on board an existing series once it has been running for a while, even if you can understand whats going on, it still doesn't have the same impact.

#6 Posted by calf_exercises (858 posts) -

just buy Metal Gear Solid: the Essencial collection.
well worth it!

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you know i can let you borrow any games you want to brett

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I only played Metal gear solid 3, and i understood about 70 percent of it, it explained the rest to me tho

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