Otacon's Code at Shadow Moses Question.

#1 Posted by Baillie (4318 posts) -

Just wanted to ask about the part in MGS4 when Snake has to enter a 5-digit code that Otacon asked him to remember earlier on. You probably know you can enter different codes here to unlock other things, such as Drebin Points and unlockable iPod tracks. My question is there a way to input the different codes at that time, to get all the iPod tracks in the one playthrough?

Or do I need to do this through multiple playthroughs?

#2 Posted by PillClinton (3303 posts) -

No idea, but you just made me remember all the bananas dumb stuff MGS4 was packed full of, so thank you. I must replay that game at some point.

#3 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1565 posts) -

If I remember correctly (my memory can suck and it HAS been years since I last played it) I think you only get one chance before Otacon steps in and puts the code in for you. I could be totally wrong but I remember always being ready to input a different code whenever I got there and that I played through the game at least 4 times. I do know that if you get it wrong they do a "Snake getting old joke"; at least, I think it was a joke.

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