Should I buy it ?

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I'm going to buy a PS3 within a week and I'm planning to buy LBP and MGS4 the problem is that I've never played a MGS game before therefore I won't understand the story. The question is, is it enough to watch GT Metal Gear Retrospective and I could still understand the story or should I have to Play through the previous MGS games  ?

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Anyone ?

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I would highly recommend playing through the other MGS games, not just to catch up on the story, but because they're three brilliant games that you shouldn't miss out on. If that isn't an option for you to do, then I would still recommend MGS4 to you, but the experience won't be as half as good as it would be if you play through the previous games.

Your choice; Play through three of the best video games ever to make your MGS4 experience just as brilliant, or skip straight to MGS4 and have a slightly confusing, but still fun and worthwhile time with the game.
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watching just the retrospects won't help you completely understand it. It's best to watch that retro, read all you can find online, and also you can download the MGS database on the PS3 for free which has pretty much everything you need to know from weapons to characters to past events that are a part of the MGS universe but werent in any of the games.

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You can get the MGS Collection for less than MGS4 right now... as long as you want to splurge.

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I'm too lazy to play through the previous MGS So I'm going to watch the retro and MGS database on the PS3 and try to understand the story.

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Don't worry, you'll probably understand most of it. You can also download the MGS Database that's for MGS4. If there's something you don't understand, just go to the database and you'll probably get an idea of what it's about.

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Ma7moud said:
"I'm too lazy to play through the previous MGS"

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But the Metal Gear Solid Essentials Collection. I did, and I highly recommend it to everybody.

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dude get it.

You would be greatly satisfied

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