Sorrow/Mantis Dolls (spoilers)

#1 Posted by adam_grif (1170 posts) -

So uh... is it just me or are these things completely F'ing useless. I can't work out how to do anything with them. Can you actually do anything other than kind of just lift bodies into the air?

I know it kills people, but still, I was hoping to be able to grab PMC's and make them shoot their team-mates and shite.

So have I missed something, or do they not do anything else?

#2 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7466 posts) -

They don't do anything else, but do you have other weapons that make soldiers dance? Didn't think so.

#3 Posted by Patchinko (885 posts) -

Sorrow Doll is for bouncing items out of the corpses of your enemies. 

Ify ou want to make PMCs shoot their friends, hit them in the head with a round of laughing ammo. They'll start LOLing and then eventually shoot their buddies.
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i didnt evan know you could make people fly with it lmao

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