Sound Keychains for $29.90

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Youtube description:
"In Stock at :
Solid Snake is the strong and silent type. He's not one for lengthy conversion but when he does talk, people tend to listen. Fans of the Snakester can listen to him talk all day with the Metal Gear Solid 4 Ration Sound Keychains which feature choice phrases that have been clipped from the game and stored on a computer chip. To listen to a short snippet of dialogue or sound, simply push the button on the front of a keychain and a somewhat tinny and hollow-sounding voice or sound effect will blare forth. Use it to wake the neighbors, scare the cat, or terrorize the kids. A total of six keychains were released by Konami Digital Entertainment which are sold in Japan through gashapon dispensers in random fashion. To make things easier for collectors however, NCS gathers together all six keychains and sells them as a complete set at the price of US$29.90. That way, you won't be stuck with unwanted duplicates which will only take up space in your sock drawer."
One thing I would worry about after getting these is if the button or sound would eventually wear down on them, but I think it would be quite funny to go up to someone and play the alert sound right in their ear. :P  While these do seem kinda cool to have, I can only imagine they'd be amusing for a few minutes before I just stopped messing with them all together. Don't think I'll get these, personally, but they are neat.

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That 's gotta be fun and entertaining but I won,t buy it either

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Well i took the sounds from the video, and put them on my cell... Thanks for the ringtones lol

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