The Way MGS4 displays 1080p

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Ok, hopefully this is not to daft a question but here goes.  Obviously this game runs at 1080p on my television, does anyone know if this is a scaled image done in software or hardware (as my 360 scales all my games run in 1080p), or if the game can run native 1080p.  If this is a software thing has anybody heard if this is to be adopted by future titles.  Its Just one of those question I would like to know more about so any help would be appreciated.

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I believe it still runs in 720p(upscaled to 1080p.) At the moment I'm pretty sure there isn't a single game that truly runs in 1080p. The PS3 "can" potentially run a game in true 1080p if one comes out,something the 360 can't do(but it takes up a ton more space on the disc,so it has yet to be done)

Not sure the exact reason why no one has tried to do it yet,I guess because plenty of games like MGS4 or Cod4 with amazing visuals,don't even have to be running in 1080p to look amazing. Just no that not a single multiplatform game will ever run in true 1080p,it'll be an exclusive,one of these days.

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Disc space has absolutely nothing to do with rendering and output resolution.

There have been a few 1080p titles on PS3, and I think on 360.  It's true that the 360 has a great scaling chip though, and usually the image on screen is good enough that anyone who is not counting pixels can not tell.  The PS3 has some sort of scaling inside it although the info on that has been harder to find, I remember months ago when the firmware engineers said it was scaling vertically but not horizontally or some crazy thing, and it would be fully enabled later on.  Not looked into it since then.

However, the ability to render 1920x1080 pixels has nothing to do with storage space, that only accounts for the things such as textures that are not being processed procedurally from code.  In that case yes, space becomes a limiting factor, but not for every game.


Forgot to say, MGS4 is being upscaled yes, although where I could not say.  The truth is though that absolutely anything on your TV is being upscaled unless it is a 1080p source signal coming in.  If your TV is 1080p and you put a regular 480i (NTSC) television signal into it, as long as it is covering the entire screen with image the TV's software and hardware has upscaled the image to fit, stitching the interlaced frames together in a framebuffer to show one entire progressive image at a time.
The only reason you would care if the TV or the console does the scaling though is that some cheaper TV's have a lower quality scaler in them and the console would probably do a better job.

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