This hasn't aged well.

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#51 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

I got MGS4 in the summer last year and the graphics looked amazing to me. There were a few rough edges but they only really stood out because everything else looked so good. Gameplay took some getting used to but was really fun once you got into it.

#52 Posted by protomessiah (103 posts) -

I still find it stunning. Controls were never great but the graphics are amazing to this day.

#53 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

The graphics aren't the game's strong suit. The awesome presentation gives the game an edge. 

#54 Posted by Lestater (398 posts) -
@ZanzibarBreeze: LOL!  STILL?!  I knew exactly what you were gonna say when I saw you're name.
#55 Posted by bybeach (5150 posts) -

I thought the graphics decent then, and the fact it was a 1080 game better(I better be really right about that) it was the controls for shooting..but I got used to them.  Not so much for that one episode of sneaking around...
I think maybe this summer will be a good time to revisit that game.
#56 Posted by Falconer (1840 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5: The characters are probably lip synced to the Japanese dialog, fyi.
#57 Posted by geirr (2864 posts) -

I tried playing this again but I was greeted by the loading screens and they brought with them some 
horrible memories - so I was quick to eject before even starting.

#58 Posted by probablytuna (4164 posts) -

Can't say I agree with you dude.

#59 Posted by MrMatey72 (97 posts) -

I played through it for the first time last year after I got my PS3, and it seemed to hold up just fine.  Sure, there are a few games that look better than it now.  But it still looks really good, and it still plays really well.

#60 Posted by ThePickle (4267 posts) -

Still as great as it ever was to me. Remains one of the finest games I have ever played.  

#61 Posted by yakov456 (1965 posts) -

The controls were always "dated". Your other points I do not agree with.

#62 Posted by spazmaster666 (2064 posts) -

I thought the graphics weren't very good when it came out so yeah, not surprised that it hasn't aged well (people who were going on about how great the game looked back in 2008 obviously didn't play Crysis Warhead . . . :P)

#63 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -
Be careful to criticize MGS or, even worse, Kojima on the internet. People will freak out and claim you're a nutjob or retarded.
#65 Posted by UnendingRequiem (5 posts) -
@spartan1017: And your avatar is Sam Fisher, should have suspected as such. Because Splinter Cell is soooo great....wait, no it isn't.
#66 Posted by kingcopper (50 posts) -

Agreed that the game hasn't aged well. Peace Walker is a better game than MGS4, I was severly dissapointed with this game even in 08. Lackluster retcons, terrible new characters, a disjointed and ultimately underwhelming main plot split into pointless acts. I loved that last fight with Ocelot though. 

#67 Posted by TheBlackPigeon (335 posts) -'s like Snake said:
War has changed. Video game war is no different.
And yet, Ron Perlman says War NEVER changes. 
I just don't know who to trust anymore.

#68 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -

compare to the scontrols of SC:Conviction where old man Fischer can jump over a table. 
but the cutscenes and the occasional shameless butt/boob shots of every lady in the game still holds up. STILL HOLDS UP. 
this game is strictly for MGS fans. If you no like MGS, you have no business playing this game.

#69 Edited by abdo (1095 posts) -

I absolutely disagree. In fact, I question whether you posted this just to stir up controversy.

#70 Posted by Mafuchi (54 posts) -

Still looks fantastic to me, though my Kojima boner won't let me see the unpretties  in anything Metal Gear not even MGS 2 Raiden.

#71 Posted by keyhunter (3209 posts) -

Nanomachines. Foxdie. Uh. nanomachines.

#72 Posted by gamb1t (992 posts) -

cant say that i agree. the controls were clunky when it first came out? lol

#73 Edited by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I still consider it to be the best game I've played in decades

#74 Posted by DystopiaX (5378 posts) -

It looks fine, and complaining about any of the graphics on a 3 year old game is kind of stupid; of course they're going to look like shit compared to today's standards.

#75 Posted by norenewalfee (117 posts) -

I popped this in last night and was still amazed with it. I really liked it back in ´08 but I still love the whole art style and detail to everything. It still is a great game IMO

#76 Posted by TanoPrime (189 posts) -

It is still a pretty good movie for a 2008 flick.  Wait....
#77 Posted by ikwal (233 posts) -
@Rolyatkcinmai yeah, why is it that pretty much all japanese games control poorly? I can't figure out why, maybe they like clunky controls.
#78 Edited by Raineko (446 posts) -
@Rolyatkcinmai said:

"The controls are severely dated".  The controls were severely dated in 2008.. It's a Japanese game...

wtf are you talking about? I have seen Japanese players doing things in MGS4 that I thought were impossible, the controls give so many options and are extremely responsive.
And the point with bad graphics isn't true either as long as you don't compare them to PC games (which would be ridiculous).
#79 Posted by Lifestrike (491 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5 said:
Things have changed a lot since then.
Central theme of MGS 4.

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