Were You Annoyed That Hayter Didn't (ending spoilers!)

#1 Posted by GoranP (1252 posts) -

Were you annoyed that David Hayter did not


! voice Big Boss at the end?


I kinda was, it just seemed so strange. Oh well, the game was still awesome!
#2 Posted by cmpLtNOOb (259 posts) -

I figured it had been a long time and he would be different so it didn't really bother me, of course I was too busy soiling myself at the fact that he was there in the first place.  But it would've been pretty hilarious to see both of them having the same voice.

#3 Posted by dum41 (30 posts) -

Well, it'd be weird having Hayter talk to himself. By weird I mean amazingly hilarious.

#4 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Actually I was annoyed when I thought the ending was great and then I found out there was still another hour of garbage that ruined the end for me.

#5 Posted by SlavetotheMedia (24 posts) -

I definately agree with Kush.  From a cinematic perspective, i could have done without the whole big boss thing.  I was tearing up when i thought that

(OMG SPOILER) offed himself  (/OMG SPOILER)

The whole extended post-credit tangent just took waaaaaayy to long and lessened the emotional impact with encyclopedic dialog.

#6 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

I was okay with it. I think it'd be weird for Hayter to talk to himself with the same voice since they're both pretty much looked like they were around the same age.

#7 Edited by cmpLtNOOb (259 posts) -

I kept thinking that as I watched the whole Big Boss thing at the end.  Even though it was awesome to have that scene happen, I was ready to be done with the explanation sections. 

...and I'm sorry, but Big Boss should have died a lot faster, the emotional impact shouldn't wear off in the freaking middle of the scene.  I actually got bored and wanted him to stop reusing the same phrases over and again as he died.

#8 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

Wouldn't he have talked to himself then? So not really.

#9 Posted by Bilawal (175 posts) -

Nope, too complicated.

#10 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Not really.

#11 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

Yeah but they had to do that for the ending -
If its the last game in the series hideo needed to tie everything up
You know for a fact that if had just ended without the explanation  - thered of been a million hardcore geeks going
And hideo being the perfectionist he is - and not wanting to leave any stone unturned had to make things as tight and explained as neccessary.

Admittedly it did crawl over the end rather than the sharp finish that mgs3 delievered - but we shall never see snake again - and now we know its all tied off - rounded off  - and complete.
It had to be that way

#12 Edited by AutomaticSnake (404 posts) -

Nah, big bosses voice in MGS4 was great. People voices change with time, hayter's voice in MGS4 was also different, he tried to give snake a more deteriorated voice.

#13 Posted by blu_magnet (261 posts) -

I think it would have been to similar to snakes and just would have been weird. Voice was perfect.

#14 Posted by Tolkienfanatic (106 posts) -

It didn't bother me at all.  Besides when the credits scrolled by and I saw the entry for Big Boss it was literally an "OMG" moment for me.

#15 Posted by hgkoutsis (2 posts) -

I would have wanted to hear the same voices..Whatever; I agree  It took too long for Big Boss to die...

#16 Posted by HitNRun (341 posts) -

I almost strained my retinas rolling my eyes at the end.

Snake as a character deserves better than the comic book deaths he's going to be getting for as long as Metal Gear games are worth playing.

#17 Edited by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Not really. I figure if Snake wasn't rapidly aging that his voice wouldn't be the same as it is and that if he grew old normally like Big Boss, his voice would be different.

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