Who is this?

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Wait, where did you find that image?

Seeing those lips make it look a whole lot more feminine, and that totally looks like sunny. That top she's wearing makes her look like Olga though.

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That's a photoshop. The actual is picture is the raiden / grayfox lookalike.

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I vote Sunny.

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VitaminWaterYum said:
That's a photoshop. The actual is picture is the raiden / grayfox lookalike.

thats a point got a little over excited lol but it does look a little too good to be a photoshop job

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SPOILERS (if you can still call it that)

didn't olga already die anyways?

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@MikeHawk:  yup but also didnt gray fox and snake and big boss and naiomi i think death meens nothing in mgs :P
#9 Posted by MikeHawk (425 posts) -

good point. nobody is forever dead in MGS lol

#10 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

I think Crayola is right.

#11 Posted by lord_canti (1664 posts) -

and with that i plumit back to not careing :(

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But didnt olga get shot in the head? I:E kinda like where those 3 dots are in the topr ight?- straws i know- but would be cool

even if it didnt fit with big boss

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