Yet ANOTHER timer!

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Another 5 days to wait guys! We now have more symbols that seem to spell out 5 and E3, aswell as a seperate small 'e' visible, but the order of said symbols changes when viewing I think, heres th link What you guys think? 

My money's on a prequel game with Raiden as the star set when he'd just gotten his fancy suit :D
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My calculations have this next one finishing at Saturday 30th May 9.40am (GMT)

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Metal G3ar 5oled. For DSiWare. With camera controls.

I called it first.

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@Exlutonian: U sure m8? Its 120 hours from 2am GMT, 120 divided by 24 is 5, so it ends @ 2am on th night of the 27th, or am I wrong lol?
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Assume for a moment that there is no 5 but an "S"

S E e 3

Special Edition e3
They're going to announce the new edition of MGS4 probably similar to MGS3 Subsistence. That's my guess.

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Kenzo287 said:
Assume for a moment that there is no 5 but an "S"S E e 3Special Edition e3They're going to announce ... [more]
That would follow suit tbh, hopefully with some Raiden bonus levels!
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@ShalashaskaUK666: Crazy. My apologies. 1st time I loaded it tho before, and theres no doubt in my mind because I triple checked my work, that mine said like 199 hours and whatever mins leading to what I worked out. I blame my crap internet.

Yeah I'd agree, the special edition does too make sense.
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It does point to that but i'm getting the feeling that he's intentionally throwing us off-

I'd put my money on something new from Kojima.
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Is it a new addition, or has everyone else managed to miss the little face icon at the bottom right of the page?

Clicking on that takes you to this page:

I may be out of date here (I just got back from holiday at aout midnight last night), but does MASK say anything? Is this possibly what was being referred to in the bombcast (got that via RSS while away) - that this 'would map to raiden's face'?

It looks more like a woman to me. Not a very attractive one admittedly, but a woman none the less.

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I will officially be sick of countdown timers in 10... 9... 8...

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Pictoben said:
Is it a new addition, or has everyone else managed to miss the little face icon at the bottom right ... [more]

Well Raiden is kinda feminine looking heh. I honestly don't even wanna predict what all this means. Can't be that long until we find out now. This has gone beyond MGS4 though IMO... there's gotta be something new that they're gonna announce. I honestly believe we're gonna see MGS4 360, MGS PSP and an announcement about the next MGS game. Show stealer?! I think so.
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