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Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. I finally finished MGS 4 last night. After skipping the last 2 cut scenes and having to sit through the unskippable/fast forwardable end credits (which I ended up pausing my console so I could pick up my kid from school), and THEN getting to the final screen, wherein Otacon and Snake are still yip yapping back and forth, I had had enough. For the love of Pete Kojima. SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP. I gave up trying to make sense of the story about a third of the way through it. Every time you defeat one of the Beasts, Drebin stats spouting some nonesense on the character's background which sounds like an after school special as written by Kafka. The graphics were sweet, most of the control issues from previous MGS games were tweaked, although I still think CQC is not as responsive as it needs to be.  
I just really wish Kojima would stop taking away so much control from the players that they have to sit 30 minutes at a time instead of playing a FUCKING GAME. Kojima should branch out into directing anime at this point. Some of the dialogue is just god awful. Snake: "Oh. Big Mama..." 
Plus, the cut scenes with the Sunny on the plane (MISSION BRIEFINGS) are eye stabbingly awful.  
At this point, I don't know that will be spending much more time with the game. I may do one more run through to get more unlockables...   One saving grace is being able to input passwords to unlock stuff once you have cleared the game at least once. 
Metal Gear Online is not worth the price of adminission as it is a pain in the ass to install. I spent longer (45 minutes) setting up my Konami ID AND Game ID, just to play MGO. MGO is pretty underwhelming. 


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