risingraiden's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

Metal Gear Solid 4: The best game ever made

This game is the reason I bought a PS3 and why others NEED to buy a PS3.  This is the game that gives PS3 the title of most sophisticated next generation system out.  The most oblivious great thing about MGS4 is the graphics.  These have been the best graphics for a year and a half (until Uncharted 2 came out), but still out shine most games today.  My personal favorite part is the story.  While it has had a lot of criticism for being 'boring' or 'more like a movie than a game', this isn't true.  Sure some of the cutscenes might get really long, but in the end the story is most likely the best part of MGS4.  The game also has some of the best stealth game play ever created.  It is so great because you can do stealth (which makes everything easier most of the time) but if you mess up, you don't have to start all over again as run n' gun is always an option also.  Anyone who has a PS3 NEEDS to play this game and anyone who is stupid enough have an Xbox needs to go out and get this game with a PS3.


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