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Metal Gear Solid 4 is an amazing end to an ok series

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Gameplay: The most important thing about any game besides the story right? Well this is something that MGS4 does well,very well. It still keeps all of its roots from the series in that it is still primarily a stealth action adventure game but has many fun shooting aspects. At first one may not expect the shooting in the game to be all that fantastic but the shooting part of the game really makes you feel like your playing a different game with Old Snake in it. The shooting aspects of the game i feel could break off and go into a seperate, primarily shooter, game. The stealth sequences also feel very nice and are fun to control.  5/5

Story: The story is what you would probably expect if you have played through the first 3 Metal Gear Solid games. If you have then you can probably already guess that this game has many FMV sequences which are lengthy and spread all over the game at various points. The story is mainly told through these. Well, the story you may not really expect but you can probably expect that at some points it it going to get very crazy. Some may argue that these many twists to the story and throwbacks to the old games in the series are dumb and uninteresting but i thought they were very clever. I found it amazing how well they wrapped up the story to this long crazy (in a somewhat good way) series. And it is not all at the end either throughout the lengthy story at multiple points you will see familiar characters and develop a plotline with them which will tie some ends with previous games. 5/5

Graphics: The graphics in Metal Gear Solid 4 are cool to put it bluntly. Every FMV sequence and every moment of gameplay seems extremely sharp. The graphics really made me think that this game may just be pushing the ps3's powerful hardware to its limit with keeping everything so sharp and so much on screen without sacrificing the frame rate. The extremely smooth transitions between the FMVs to the gameplay just prove more of my point. A scene containing a long fight with a lot of quick fast animations you would think may have taken a little bit of load time but the gameplay just slides right into these. This system works the other way around too. In one scene snake is talking over his little radio thing then in the scene he sees that he has to quickly fight, the camera just zooms out and puts a HUD onto your screen at the same time so as soon as the camera pulls behind Snake you can start to play. 5/5

Sound: The sound in this game is the one thing that I was actually expecting to like judged by the previous entries in the series. The sound in this game is sharp and very fitting for each situation as one would probably expect from a game that has already done the gameplay, the story, and the graphics perfectly. Most of the music is extremely well thought out to go into each scene and really give you a sense of the action. The only problem with the music is that its not particularly amazing just a really good job because I think its hard to pick good sounding music for every situation that this game had. 4/5

Conclusion: Metal Gear Soild 4: Guns of the Patriots is a great game that no person should miss, ps3 owner or not. I had no reason to ever buy a ps3 and was set on not buying one until i read the reviews for this game and decided to drop some cash and buy a ps3,used of course. I think every game has 4 main points which it should always try to excel in and this game excels in all of them the only complaint I had was about the music not being an amazing one that I would ever want to go out of my time to track down and listen too but it was still all very fitting. The graphics are amazing for a game with so much content and so many things going on at once. To me its amazing how they kept the framerate so smooth. The story is something you would totally expect from Kojima in the sense that in the story, there will never be anything you expect. The sequences at first seem so crazy and far fetched that you would never expect it to work. Then there is the gameplay without one thing bad about it. The gameplay is amazing with great shooting action when you feel there should be and some fun stealth moments when you need to cool things down a bit all mixed in with great controls, great graphics, great sound, and a great story make this the number one reason to own a ps3 to date and one of the best game ever made.

Posted by Kournelle

This review was awesome even though i dont care about anything PS3

Posted by Ossyaris

When did you get a PS3?

Posted by MasturbatingBear
@Ossyaris: Never had one. But Ive played through the game before at peoples houses. 
specifically playing through the whole thing at one point over the course of a long day.   

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