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The best game of 2008

The Metal Gear Series are the reason to buy any playstation hardware:
- I actually bought a Sony TV for my dorm room when my roomate decided to buy a Playstation just so we could play MGS
- I bought PS2 when MGS2 was being release on the PS2
- I bought my PSP to play Metal Gear Acid and
- I recently bought my PS3 MGS4 bundle

I have no hesitation in calling myself an MGS fanboy and the latest game in the series is a vindication of my blatent fanboyism. The game is superb in all aspects and blends cinematics and gameplay together expertly in a way that only the series' director Kojima san can.

Admittedly, the conematics sometimes do become overbearing and the story overly drmatic but its all part of the package that makes MGS4 such a great game. I would highly recommend anyone with a PS3 to go out and buy this game now! You will not be disappointed.

P.S. - Congratulations on finally launching the new site guys - best of luck.


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