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Tactical Espionage? Felt more like a shotter to me..

I really enjoyed MGS 4, but what I dislike was the whole buying weapons with the whole debrin point system. The past MGS games had you conserving ammo, sneaking around enemies and obtacles. Of course, you can play MGS4 this way, but having the debrin points makes you buy ammo, and weapons. I played MGS4 like the other MGS series, but I found myself buying tranquilizer ammo only because I had the option. I really LOVED MGS4, but I wished there was not Debrin point launder van to sell or buy guns and ammo.

Posted by TheWesman

Buying bullets anywhere did cheapen the game slightly...but it was still fun.  Speaking of tranquilizer ammo, did you try the different ones after you beat the game once?  You can make them happy or sad or scared etc.  It adds a little more entertainment to it.

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