hagzor's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

Best game on the PS3, as simple as that!!!

To put it simply if u have a PS3 then you should get this game. It could be debatable if u should buy a ps3 just for mgs4 but lets not go into that. So to start things off I hated playing mgs1 and 2 , I liked watching them but I found the gameplay just very anoying. But when I started it up I was like Is this a Metal gear game? The gameplay just feel so improved compared to the last games and everything feels like a giant step up from the old ones.

The Level and environment designs look so great and add so much to the game. You start in a war-torn Middle Eastern city. Snake has hooked a ride witha bunch of militia, they don't know who he is so just treat him as another rebal. Anyway your thrown into a thick of battle, get some starting tips , get a AK47 then have to escape from some Gekko ( very fast walkers). after that the game seems to take off. You pretty much got 3 ways of getting from point A to B on a first couple of levels. One is to sneak all around and try and not get seen. two is to help the rebels against the PMCS and 3 is till everything.

I would Personally go for number two and I got the  most enjoyment this way. If you help a rebel by killing a PMC they pretty much let you in to the group and you help them without the PMC knowing who you are most the time. Its a nice way to rack up kills without being caught. It not only makes life more easy its kind of cool know u can fight next to some rebel guy without having to hide as much .

The boss battles are great a well most of the boss battles are you fighting against a group called B&B. There pretty much old  bosses with new skins and there look really cool as well. There backstorys are really good to. Speaking of story let me talk about the voice acting and the actual story next. So First the acting in the game is great apart from a few screens that you just think dude you either can't cry or you need to do what your were doing before because you suck. Most of these moments being from Otacon I may add.

The story is what you expect really, its the final game where there going clear most things up wrap a nice little bow around it and say done and sadly they kind of did that at the end. Anyway I go into that later, the story starts of great your in the middle of a fight between two groups and you have to find Liquid. Few the first level your introduced to many of people from the past games and a couple of new guys who don't really have any big part. You pretty much meet everyone in the first and second levels of the game. After that the story takes some major turns and twists and let me say the screen with Liquid on the boat has to been the best screen I have seen in any game maybe even any movie.

Hand on chest the game also has some super sad moments which Metal Gear has always had but lets just say it like this (SPOILER) I actully felt a little sad when Vamp died who is like one of the most evil people in the game (end spoiler) and stuff like hearing the B&B backstorys on how they became what they became and such. Somthing you notice thought is all the like elite troops are all female, most the bosses are female apart from a few but then Females have always had big roles in MGS I mean even Boss was female. . Its even kind of sad in a way because Snake has been one of the biggest Impacts in games and to see him going out the way it is kinda of sucks, I would rather see him gone out with a bang and i think himself would of wanted the same.

But Lets talk and the cop out of an ending which is one of the reasons it won't get a 5 from me. The ending in this one was to much a happy kind of yay ending. . Also I been on about this before but I wish Snake would of died instead of the way the done it. Someone said the whole thing with Raiden and the wedding would of been made much better if it would of all been happening because of Snakes sacrifice but no it had to be all this happy ending where snakes going to live his finally months and die somwhere.... hated the ending and it just felt like Konami just got lazy towards the end of the game and it just did'nt feel as fun as the start (apart from the rex bit).

But saying that its still a great game and theres nothing better on PS3 in my mind at this moment while the cop out ending will piss a lot of people off and it getting a little easy at the very end compared to the start. Its still sound with some great gameplay, some amazing charaters with loads of deeps and well this is near gaming prefection.

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