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MGS4, solid game but its not perfect

Playing this game months after all the hype has died down, i can see how some people think it deserved a 10/10, but though this is a solid game, or should i say a die hard fan service, cause lets be honest, that is what it is. This game is not perfect it does have its faults.

First off, the story is only good when you have played most of the other MSG's. If you haven't you will properly have a hell of a time figuring out all the names that keep popping up in the game. Also its like they didn't really have focus on the whole story, the first two chapters in the game are heavily focused on PMC's, but its like they forget about that and then go into this whole personal drama between characters.

Even though i played most of the older MSG's (Didnt play MGS3, no PS2) i still had a hard time keeping track of the story, cause there is so much of it, and it does take up most of the game, there are more cut scenes than there is actual gameplay, witch for me is pretty annoying, cause i really love the core gameplay. And they have that mechanic pretty much nailed down, except the control scheme, where you like in older MSG's have to press multiple buttons at once to do some things. Its annoying at first but of course you come to grip with it, but it just feels a little clumsy.

The cut scenes are very impressive, the graphics and the motion capture and not to forget the camera work, is amongst some of the best in a video game to date. Its just sad that most of those scenes are played out in the form of talking, followed by talking, followed by slide shows. That said there are some real nice action scenes in there too, there are just very spread out.

Another thing thats not to forget is the sound in this game, is just so well done and amazing, all the weapons, the ambience its just so well designed, and if your playing on a 5.1 system you will really notice how good it is.

All in all it was a good game, but its not a game i would sit through all those cut scenes again. They are just too long and most of them aren't interesting enough to keep me watching for a second time. I think its a shame that the game forces you to watch more than you actually have to play.


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