360 vs PS3

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@Masha2932 said:

The PS3 copy comes with a free download code for MGS 1 on PSN. Other than that as far as I know both versions are similar.

No it doesn't. Not in the US anyway.

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I've been playing the 360 version of Peace Walker. Aside from the fact that it was originally designed for the PSP and all the levels share its technical limitations I don't have much of a problem with it. I have been grinding some boss characters to get parts, but I may or may not get tired of it soon. Feel free to message me online (see the co-op thread) if you do get the 360 version and would like some help.

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Get the PS3 version for the reasons people already stated.

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Aside from MGS1 code and transfarring, it should depend on whether you care more about Achievements or trophies.

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