Has anyone tried to platinum this game ?

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I'm trying to. Collecting all the dog tags on extreme wasn't the hardest part so far; I had already done it a decade ago when the game came out. The VR missions is where the challenge resides. More precisely, the VR Missions with MGS1 Snake. Even more precisely, this piece of shit mission. God fucking damnit. I'd say the game still has not reached a Mirror's Edge level of frustration when trying to get all the trophies, but it's not far behind.

I'm well over 20 hours in the VR missions alone. Anyone here has tried it ?

edit: I'm talking about MGS2 specifically.

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I piled a good 60 + hours in to trying to get the Platinum on MGS2, then gave up with about 50% of the VR missions still to go. It wasn't just that they were difficult (although some of them were very difficult), it was also that they were so repetitive.

Last time I gave up on trophies/achievements for a game was Stranglehold on 360 (hardest difficulty playthrough). MGS2 has kinda made me rethink my gaming life -> since then I've been largely trying to avoid getting drawn into trophy/achievement hunting - it's going well, I completed Far Cry 3 over the weekend and then just put it down, no interest in mopping up any outstanding trophies. MGS2 really broke me.

It's a shame really, because I left MGS2 on a bad note -> I'd gone back to the HD collection so I could revisit these classic games and use the trophies as a guide excuse to see and do everything.

I'm going to dip back in for MGS3 and Peace Walker in the next few weeks - by all accounts the former's trophies are a great deal simpler, so I guess it won't be too much of a stretch to nab the Platinum there if the mood takes me.

So, yeah, in conclusion, the MGS2 Platinum is a bit of a ****. Agreed.

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I'm gonna start playing the collection for the first time in a few months, if it really takes 60 hrs for just MGS2 then oh god I will not see the sun.

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Haven't tried to platinum any of them but I do have the Virtually Impossible trophy on PS3. But man, fuck MGS1 Snake Hold Up Level 8!

Those sniping missions are a right-arse too.

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Man, some of those VR Missions can be a real pain with having to get reacquainted with the controls. Those FPS VR Missions are a damn nightmare.

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MGS2 is the hardest one. MGS3 and Peace Walker are a bit tedious with all the various collectible stuff you have to get but MGS2 is legit super hard.

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