I've never played a Metal Gear game and i'm jumping in, advice?

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@jasonefmonk said:

@JasonR86: I'd argue the controls in 4 are fantastic. They make full use of the pressure sensitivity and feel ahead of the times.

It might be because I played the game with the original PS3 controller but I don't remember there being anything relating to pressure sensitivity with the controls in MGS 4. But I might be remembering the game wrong.

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@JasonR86: Different levels of pressure were the difference between a hold/choke/kill when you have a guy wrapped in CQC. Also when peeking out of dumpster the more pressure, the further out you look. PS3 has pressure sensitive buttons on the shoulders, face buttons and d-pad; games rarely use this because they are developed for 360/PC that don't have that input. Even the rumble is subtle and immersive in a way most games aren't.

Last game to not get Trophy support. :/

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Never stop smoking.

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