Metal Gear Soild 3: Snake Eater is the best game on the PS2.

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#51 Posted by NTM (8330 posts) -

@ElCapitan: Depends on which MGS3 version you play when it comes to better game mechanics. As for characters, I personally don't feel that the characters in greatness differ throughout the Metal Gear franchise. The story to me is also just as great in any of them. Personally, I can't say MGS3 is the best. If someone were to say all of them were equal, then I could agree.

I base my opinion off the finest experience I've had with the games, and while I really enjoyed MGS3 very, very much, it's not as fantastic as MGS, MGS2, or MGS4. I've beaten all of the Metal Gear Solid games multiple times, and it feels like it's been so long since I've played them. I remember getting really good at three, and it got very easy to sneak up on The End and take him out by punching him. That was great times.

So really, I don't want to argue which is the best because I loved them all, but from personal experience, the majority of the time I hear someone say MGS is the best Metal Gear game, it's because it was their first. I know this is about the best PS2 game, and while I'd say it's one of the best games on PS2, it's not the definitive game on that console. Actually, when it comes to three and four, the only thing I didn't like as much in four, was its story.

I like all of the Metal Gear games, and I'd rather not argue which is the better game, because if I were to ever recommend which one to play first, I'd still say to play them in order from the original, to two, to three, then four. After you play all of the original MGS games through, then play the others like Portable Ops (which I can't stand because of the PSP), and etc.

#52 Posted by Marcsman (3376 posts) -

I gotta go with GTA III

#53 Posted by Revan_NL (355 posts) -

A lot of people say that MGS3 is the best in the series, but MGS2 is my favorite. MGS3 became a whole lot more playable with Subsistence, the camera was awfull in the original release. It had the same camera as in MGS2, but it wasn't really a problem there due to the level design. And also: I can accept walking robots etc in the 'near future' but it was very difficult to accept in a sixties setting.

#54 Posted by ElCapitan (478 posts) -

@NTM: When I'm talking mechanic integration I mean more that final moment with The Boss, the neat little tricks you can do with The End to change the way that fight plays out, the battle with The Sorrow, etc., not the camera. I never played it without the 3D camera, though.

I like your stance on the series. They are all great and arguing about which is better than the other is not that constructive.

#55 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

I'm going to be an odd one out here and say the first katamari damacy ranks up there along with persona3/4, MGS 2/3, GTA SA, burnout revenge, FF10 and god of war in my opinion.

I happened to like metal gear2 a lot too but since I played it as a young teenager I didn't really grasp the themes that were going on.

My No.1 pick is still MGS3 though. I think anyone can play it without and prior knowledge of previous games and still enjoy it as a complete story.

#56 Posted by BoG (5388 posts) -
Second best, though it is pretty close. Shadow of the Colossus is clearly #1. Metal Gear Solid 2 is also amazing, but it comes in third.
#57 Posted by Tophat666 (251 posts) -

@kingzetta said:

Looking back I would argue that MGS3 is the best game on the ps2.

There is nothing to argue, it is the best.

#58 Posted by BootlessDragoon (19 posts) -

@lord_canti: It started off slowly, but at least it wasn't full boar crazy like 2. Tried listening to all the story again while running through HD Collection and I had to skip half of it.

#59 Posted by N7 (3826 posts) -

And now it is one of the best games for the PS3.

#60 Posted by Shirogane (3593 posts) -

@N7 said:

And now it is one of the best games for the PS3.

And 360.

#61 Posted by senorfuzzeh (424 posts) -

@kashif1 said:

@kingzetta: I could argue that mgs 2 was better if you want


#62 Posted by Doctorchimp (4163 posts) -


God Hand

Dragon Quest VIII

NBA Street Volume 2

Devil May Cry

were all way better

#63 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Persona 4, because Funky Student.

#64 Posted by Djangosix (46 posts) -

haha me and my buddy could argue all day other which is better mgs 3 or shadow of colosus, it seems only jap devs can make games that are on that level.

#65 Edited by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@Doctorchimp said:


God Hand

Dragon Quest VIII

NBA Street Volume 2

Devil May Cry

were all way better

Nocture, god hand, and DMC were great games, but I still think MGS3 was still more memorable.
I liked DMC3 better than one and just replaying the PSN version of god hand, it's not as good as I remember.
#66 Posted by InfamousBIG (3293 posts) -

That ending...prob best ending to a game ever.

Also, damn necromancers.

#67 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -
@InfamousBIG said:

That ending...prob best ending to a game ever.

Also, damn necromancers.

It's up there, top ten for sure. The ending of valkyria chronicles is great too.
#68 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

snake eater's not the best game.

MGS3: subsistence is.

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