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So a long as folks are already chiming in asking for MGS1 or Twin Snakes or MGS4, I'll make my first Giant Bomb post by stating that I think Portable Ops would be a logical inclusion for this collection.  Whatever work is being done to port Peace Walker could be transferred pretty easily to Portable Ops, and that game was a blast, plus had some important plot points describing the development of the character of Big Boss.  I can understand the lack of MGS1 (time involved in the total remake), Twin Snakes (aforementioned controversy and licensing issues), and MGS4 (for 360?  unlikely), but the lack of Portable Ops seems like a true mystery to me.  Sure, not Portable Ops Plus, but the original that informed so much of Peace Walker...
EDIT:  Dang.  First post here and my wireless keyboard leaves an S out of the Topic title.

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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops was a good game, it was the first proper Metal Gear Solid game on the PSP, and it was the game that made me buy a PSP in the first place. Portable Op's story was also quite good, the comic style cutscenes are personal prefrence but the character roster is quite good as is the voice work. It also fills in some backstory on Grey Fox which is just pure fan service, and there is a major plot twist at the end that's nicely done. However they can't put every Metal Gear Solid game in the collection, it would have been also great if they put MGS1 in there but hey they didn't. If you want to play Portable Ops so bad just dig out a PSP and be happy.
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I agree that Portable Ops would have been a great inclusion in this package, but I think the fact that so few people are mentioning its exclusion speaks volumes. It was a good game with horrendous controls that, I suppose, Konami does not feel is relevant enough to both to remaster. 
It's a shame, really. But surely the same cannot be true for Metal Gear Solid, making its exclusion from this package all the more baffling. 
Of course, I complain, but I am still capable of playing both games on my PSP and PS3, respectively. In that way, I guess I'm more disappointed that they aren't remastering Portable Ops, because I don't think I can bring myself to fuss with those controls ever again.

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It's a good game but I don't know if it's a good console game. It's been a while since I played it, but didn't it have a lot of mobile features like scanning different wifi hot spots for characters?

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@Zero_ said:
It's a good game but I don't know if it's a good console game. It's been a while since I played it, but didn't it have a lot of mobile features like scanning different wifi hot spots for characters?
Yeah it did but it did have a good story mode, some tactical "send my guys on on missions" modes, and, like Hizang said, some plot points on Grey Fox and Big Boss that are relevant, story-wise.  I didn't really think the controls were any more horrible than Peace Walker, and a re-release is the perfect chance to clean that up and make it playable.
I guess I'm just saying that if they are already doing Peace Walker, how hard would it be to throw in Portable Ops?  I doubt there will be another re-release package like this in which to get it done.  If they don't do it now, it'll never happen.
To me, it's like putting out Ghost of Sparta on PS3 and passing over Chains of Olympus...

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