First impressions on PeaceWalker

#1 Posted by El33tPanda (182 posts) -

Now that it's out, can I get some opinions on if this is worth it. Currently watching the Quick Look for it and I'm sure that'll help me but I'd like to hear from others

#2 Posted by Sikila (86 posts) -

Forget what is said in the Quick Look pretty much. I find it really easy to aim and get headshots etc. And I´m having no problems with the camera as well. Other than that it´s Metal Gear so that sums it up.

#3 Posted by El33tPanda (182 posts) -

I loves me some Metal Gear so I'll probably end up buying it. I just hate shooters on the PSP, but the aiming is relatively easy?

#4 Posted by Sikila (86 posts) -
It´s a matter of getting used to it. I was able to headshot while moving in 2 Hours so it´s not that hard to get used to.
#5 Posted by El33tPanda (182 posts) -
@Sikila: Oh got it, so there's a bit of a curve but not too bad?
#6 Posted by Sikila (86 posts) -
@El33tPanda: Yeah. And from what I played so far theres not that much running and shooting involed as you are almost always standing still to shoot someone in the head with the Tranq Pistol.
#7 Posted by El33tPanda (182 posts) -
@Sikila: Okay gotcha. Then I need to pick this up now cause that was one of my big concerns
#8 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Someone help me with Cocoon!  Please.  >.>

#9 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12224 posts) -

The game totally pwns. I've spent about 17 hours with it, and I've spent most of said time doing side missions to beef up my army. 
And while the aiming was a little clunky at first, once you practice, it's pretty good. And aside from the bosses, you can just sneak through everything, which usually gives you enough time to line up shots.

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