How on Earth do I get to play with more people???????

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 For the life of me i cannot seem to get people online can anyone help me
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Peace Walker has no infrastructure, so if you want to play with people online you will need a Playstation 3 and use the 'ADHOC Party' software. There you can create lobbies for people to join the game, but you need a wired connection for it to work. To host a game go into the Mission Select, choose your mission you wish to play and make sure you select Co-Op, once selected you will have to choose a channel for to host on, this enables people searching for your game to find it, for example "I've hosted on Channel One" so the players who want to join would search for channel one, as log as they were in the same ADHOC lobby. To search for a game is just as simple, on the mission select menu go to the 'Host Search' tab and select which channel you want to join.
Peace Walker does support LAN play though, if you want to play with a friend locally you do not need ADHOC as it will automaticly connect with some-one in the local vicinity, though you will need to host/search just as I explained before.
I hope that cleared up any confusion.

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Yep, Adhoc Party on the PS3 is all you need and some friends willing to play with ya

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I don't have a PS3, and I'm not really interested in going out to buy one (no HDTV, and I have plenty of PS2 games I haven't yet finished).  Does PW coop work over some of the tunneling services like Xlink Kai?

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