Is this game any good on vita?

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I recently bought a PS vita, and was looking at getting a new game to play. I am torn between this and rayman origins (if you have played both, please give your opinion on the matter), and I was wondering is it is any good on vita. The graphics seem quite dated (at least compared to other vita games), but I enjoyed MGS4 and I hear peacewalker is a very good game. Please give me your input. Thanks.

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Peace Walker is a really good game, but co-op is where it really shines. If you have any friends that have PW then it's a must buy.

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I didnt think the HD collection on the VITA had Peacewalker? Pretty sure its only MGS2 and MGS3

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As far as I can tell, you can't play peacewalker on a Vita at the moment... am I wrong?

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Dunno about the Vita but it is a good game. Better than it's predecessor.

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Peace Walker is NOT out for Vita but I think it is on PSN store for PSP (if I remember correctly, it was under Metal Gear Pack or something) 
But Peace Walker IS out for the HD collection for both 360 and PS3 and I also heard it controls waaaaay better with dual joystick so that's what I would recommend getting it. 
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You can play it on Vita but it won't be the HD version, you can buy the PSP version from the store though.

That's why they didn't include it in the HD collection for Vita. So people would have to buy it for more.

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