Kojima-san Apologetic About Peace Walker Delay

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Hideo Kojima has posted on the official Kojima Productions's blog in a very apologetic manner, this comes in response to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker having to be delayed in Japan. The PSP game was initially due to hit Japan on March 18th, but is now expected to arrive natively on April 29th.

"Official announcement of a release date is nothing less than a promise to fans and business partners. In other words, a release date change is like betraying the expectations of everyone."

 "It probably takes a long time to earn back trust that has been lost. However we will work hard, with the hope that we will one day earn the support of everyone again."

(woah, chill out dude) 

"At present, Kojima Productions is putting our full efforts on final tuning and brush ups, in aim of completion," 

It appears that the games localization process hasn't been affected by this Japanese delay, the game is still expected to hit NA shore on May 25th, and May 27th in Europe. 
Thanks to Famitsu.com
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No room for delay-o, HIDEO?  >_<;;
To be fair, MGS4 was delayed twice, and it really hurt Konami's stock. This is jumping fiscal quarters too. 
And no doubt it's a personal disappointment for Kojima-san.  PW is a major addition to the canon plot, and there are a lot of hungry PSPs out there nowadays. I was impressed by the demo, probably will spend more time with PW than I did with Portable Ops.

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