Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker english intro

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  Definitely can't wait!



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You might want to attach a commentary of some description to this post, to avoid any chance of this thread getting locked. I think the mods are a little more lax with trailers, but you should probably include at least a couple of sentences just to be safe. 
On the topic of the trailer itself, though, this looks pretty damn great. Nice to see the Portable Ops-style cut-scenes making a return. Also, David Hayter? I was under the impression that Richard Doyle would be taking over the voice of Big Boss this time around. All in all, though, it looks great. This is one of the 2010 games that I'm really stoked for, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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@dankempster:  thanks for the heads up.
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It's only when Snake doesn't look like Snake that they change over voice actors.

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