MGS: Peace Walker TGS Teaser

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Kojima Productions have created what looks to be a teaser of some sort...I personally think it's a clue to somebody to might feature in the game, and that they may reveal in their next trailer at TGS.  The tape below plays what appears to be an interview between two ladies:  
"The interviewer has the low-voiced interviewee picture a scene where she's crossing a bridge which is wide enough for only one person to pass. A man appears on the other side. He's holding a gun. "Shoot," says the low-voiced lady. "If it were your husband?" asks the interviewer. "Shoot," the lady says again. "Is that to protect yourself?" "No. It's to understand the sadness. Who will die. Who will live."


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Peace Walker is making me wish I still owned a PSP

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PSP Go, here I come : D

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Cool. Look forward to learning some more about the game.

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peace walker looks to be one of the very best co-op games ever made. the gameplay design is so unique and clever. its requires you to work together in such cool ways. 

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