MGS: Peace Walker - Trailer & Images

#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

A new trailer for MGS: Peace Walker has been unveiled at this years Games Com, along with a batch of images: 


#2 Posted by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

I just hope the single player is good cos nobody else here even has a PSP.
Other than that, good stuff.
Oh yeah, I also hope that they improve the controls from Portable Ops. I struggled through it cos I loved the game but, yeah...
I also hope they keep the replayable aspect of portable ops, random enemy placements, resource and intel gathering, etc...

#3 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -

I can't believe this is a PSP game. It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to download it to my shiny new PSP Go.

#4 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

Really wish it was on a console... I might have to buy a PSP for this game...

#5 Posted by Aaox (1713 posts) -

Man, there are actually some good games coming out for the PSP, huh?

#6 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2750 posts) -

#7 Posted by lemon360 (1231 posts) -

tankbox is EPIC
#8 Posted by FLStyle (5848 posts) -

It's looking awesome gameplay-wise. But in the UK (or at least in my area) there's no-one I could play this with, it better be connectible to peeps all over the UK.

#9 Posted by raggedglory (219 posts) -

I though it was Big Boss and Solid Snake teaming up for a minute, I was almost crapping my pants.   I wonder what the explanation is for multiple big bosses is, or if he'll just say there clones from before the genome project or something.

#10 Posted by JJOR64 (19587 posts) -

Looks awesome but, why the PSP?

#11 Edited by TwoOneFive (9786 posts) -

wow this game looks fucking excellent.  
thats seriously some of the best use of co-op i have ever seen in a game.  
damn, i REALLLLY hope they make a co-op MGS game on PS3!!!!!!!!!! this is going to be such a great game. 
also, i saw a screen shot in the game of a guy wearing a mask identical to that octocamo mask snake stole from one of the sisters in mgs4. its a black mask with a chip on the cheek. so my theory is only on of them is actually big boss and the rest are wearing masks to look like him. thats pretty fucking badass if you ask me. it would be insane for enemies to see it too. like omg theres four of him?!?! lol. its really an awesome idea. 

#12 Posted by fugie7 (1132 posts) -

it looks great so far, cant wait for it to come out for the psp.

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