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First off, here's the conference trailer.

Andriasang explains some of the mother base systems seen in the video.

And the newly released opening type video.
And now, the colaboration stuff:

Peace Walker to include Monster Hunter elements.
As part of the collaboration, Peace Walker will feature a special "Monster Island" area of play where Snake will have to hunt some well known Monster Hunter beasts, large and small. As with the rest of Peace Walker, this can be done in four player co-op mode.

Snake will have the support of Monster Hunter mascot character Airu (Felyne in the overseas version of the series). Airu will help you clear the missions by sending out bullets and other support items in boxes.

You'll also find another Monster Hunter staple on Peace Walker's Monster Island: well cooked meat. Actually, make that well cooked rations. Pick up a "Ration Grill Set" around the stage, and you'll be able to cook up your rations to make them more effective.

Peace Walker to include Assassin's Creed elements. The April Fool's video was real.
That footage is all legit! Certain stages of Peace Walker will allow Snake to do an Eagle Dive move, where he leaps from great heights and dives into the grass below -- or, more specifically, into an "Assassin's Straw Box" item, designed to combine the straw fields of Assassin's Creed with Metal Gear Solid's box item.
Product placement galore.
Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Uniqlo, AXE deodorant -- Snake sells his soul, but at least he smells good!

Peace Walker to include Front Mission Evolved content.
It appears that, in addition to the collaboration for Play Arts figures, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto announced a second Peace Walker tie-up at the event. This one links up Peace Walker with Front Mission Evolved, the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 entry in Square Enix's long running mech series.

According to Gpara, parts from Front Mission Evolved's Panzer mechs will appear as in-game items in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. You'll be able to use the parts in some capacity. Details beyond this were apparently not shared.

Peace Walker action figures are being made by Square.

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Hilarious ad campaign!

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This sounds like an insane late April Fools joke...until you realise that this is Metal Gear.
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I think you're all missing the big thing here 
Dr Strangelove?

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Monster Hunter seriously? 
I think 4 was a good stopping point for the series. 

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Hahaha, this is pretty hilarious. 
Also.  I want me some MGS Mountain Dew!

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@XII_Sniper said:

" Monster Hunter seriously?  I think 4 was a good stopping point for the series.  "

What's wrong with that? The tank battle in the demo already had a similar vibe in co-op. This just gives the well deserved homage to the series that inspired them. It doesn't mess with the main storyline since it's a separate area either. Since when is it a bad thing to add extras that add to your game's (re)play value? The mountain dew and stuff are more distracting than MH imo since they'll be found within the normal levels, but it's a non issue to get MGS5 :)
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@Al3xand3r: Because it's silly, and out of place (not that it's a good excuse seeing as it's MGS, but this is going further than pretty much any other out of place joke, other than maybe the Ape Escape stuff).  
Also since when does Monster Hunter inspire MGS games? That'd be like Gore Verbinski telling Kubrick how to direct a movie. Madness.
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Like I said, boss fight in the demo gave that vibe. And hey it inspired them to do this bonus mode. The content is unrelated to the story so I don't see how it harms it. It's basically extra bosses for you to tackle with friends. How's that bad in any way? Snake's been in weirder stuff (SSBB).

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£23 pre-order at Amazon. 
Anyone know how much it'll be on PSN? From previous examples I mean. 
Wish Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Persona 3 psp were coming on in the EU..but it doesn't seem likely. 

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Even more reason to buy Front Mission then.  
Seriously though...are we going to have a Bayonetta crossover next? 
Use Bayonetta's ice skates to take out dinosaurs in MGS-Peace Walker. 
This is getting ridiculous.
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I actually just had a look at the front mission evolved gameplay vid. 
Why? Why screw up a perfectly good series. 
*cries into his pint*

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Lol yeah, I loved Front Mission 3. Couldn't care less about Evolved. But PW looks like GOTY to me.

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It's got a loooong way to go to beat Resonance of Fate for me. 
But thats probably just me.

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This is gonna be the biggest thing in Japan, so of course everyone wants in on this. Seriously even God Eater was just a MH clone and it sold gangbusters. Honestly I like how MGS has done in-game product placement, it hasn't been straight-up retarded like most other games. It's just there like it was no big deal.

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English versions of the opening and teo videos:

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The pain of waiting for this game to come out already is too much...

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