So I bought first psp in over 4 years.

#1 Posted by SadPatrol (530 posts) -

I bought peace walker today after a long day of work. I sped home and inserted my umd into my dusty old psp. I turned it on and had to reconfigure the time and date etc. Then I try to play peace walker (at this point i'm shaking from excitement because its f******* METAL GEAR SOLID baby). The game starts up and about  a minute of loading the game tells me that I need 33 mb of free space to play the game. 
*No problem i'll just delete some of my saved games that I never play anymore. Let me just see how big my sd card is*


I take out my sd card and I see a 32 mb sd card pop out. This was the point where I started crying.  
My launch psp seemed ancient. It officially cannot play video games anymore.  Sony has changed there models so much that the initial ones are completly obsolete. I can't belive this. 
Now I have to wait unitl tommorow after work and find an sd card.
I hate Sony...................................... 
P.S. I found out a few minutes later that my psp cannot update from lack of free space. It needs 27 mbs to install an update. I only have 24 available. WTF!  

I hate Sony.....................................

#2 Posted by Crono11 (1653 posts) -

Memory sticks are pretty cheap these days. I bought a 4gb one of $20 a couple of months ago. So maybe you should do the same.

#3 Posted by SadPatrol (530 posts) -
I will, but I really was hoping to play tonight.
#4 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

Ha. I got a PSP from some one else and he didn't have a charger with it. 
Had to get one of those.
Oh, hey, a 32 MB memory stick. 
Had to go buy a 2GB.

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