You got your Monster Hunter in my MGS... Literally.

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  Konami officially announced Monster Hunter monsters to appear in Metal Gear Peace Walker...
1UP has the news on this story.
See? Even Kojima wants you to play some Monster Hunter! 
Well, that does it for me, I was planning on buying Peace Walker but now I'm really hyped.... probably for the wrong reasons.


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This reminds me of people buying Zone of the Enders en masse simply because it came bundled with a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, except in reverse.

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Considering MGS' brand of humor, this seems to fit in alot more than people would think. =P
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Man, just watching this video was more fun than all the times I've played Monster Hunter combined.

#5 Posted by animateria (3302 posts) -
@Icil: Well it's going to play like MGS...
Shooting em down with guns must be easier right?
#6 Posted by Icil (745 posts) -
@animateria said:
" @Icil: Well it's going to play like MGS...  Shooting em down with guns must be easier right? "

Snake's rolling animation didn't last 1 second too long or force me to lose control for longer than the animation lasted, so Peace Walker is looking good so far =P
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Already here alongside all the other new stuff.
OT: Snake's rolling was not faster than MH's, and you can't do it consequetively as much as in MH where you can repeat it at will as long as you have stamina. Not sure what you mean losing control longer than the animation lasts, that doesn't happen either in MH. See? Rolling & moving, rolling & moving.

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