Broken PSN version of Portable Ops

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I downloaded Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops for the PSN onto my 16GB mem stick for my PSP-3000.  After the 2 hours of downloading and installing, it won't work. It boots up the PSP start screen like it is going to run the game and then everything goes black. no audio. however, when i press home, it asks me if i want to quit with X being cancel and O being confirm(like a proper metal gear game). But that is all i can do. normally, i would download the game again and see if that works, but the psn has a 5 download limit, so i want to put the question out there:
Does your digital copy of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops work?

#2 Posted by Bombingrun217 (32 posts) -

the five download limit applies to only things that cost money 
Isn't the demo free?

#3 Posted by Bundle85 (151 posts) -

the demo is for peace walker, i am refering to the first game, portable ops

#4 Posted by Bundle85 (151 posts) -

update, i deleted it and re downloaded it and it works fine now

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That totally sucks.  I have put in my UMD like 20 times and it still runs.  It sucks that PSN is that way.  I mean where do you keep all the games you want to play?  Not on my 60 gig Playstation 3.  I have something like 25 UMD games for the Playstation Portable since 2005 and there is no way that I would be able to store all of these games and pop them onto my PSP at will.

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